Fall-ing for Fall Food

‘Tis the season for basic girls all around the University of Delaware to thrive in their natural environment. Let's check out the food scene around campus and how some favorite places serve up fall cuisine. 

1. Einstein bagels: Check out the pumpkin and pumpkin walnut crunch bagels with the pumpkin shmear. Makes waking up feel just like fall!

2. Starbucks: The fan favorite Pumpkin spice latte (PSL) is back! Also make sure to try the brand new pumpkin cream cold brew, a unique addition to the menu. If you’re looking for snacks to go along with your coffee, look no further than the pumpkin cream cheese muffins or the pumpkin spice flavored madeline cookies.

3. Dunkin’: The new cinnamon sugar pumpkin signature latte can be enjoyed this fall at DD. In addition to their pumpkin flavored coffees, Dunkin’ offers a new apple cider donut and munchkins as well as a pumpkin donut and muffin.

4. Panera Bread: This main street staple is celebrating the season with turkey chili and vegetarian autumn squash soup. When your meal is done, pumpkin cookies are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

5. Playa Bowls: Continuing the journey down Main Street, stop in to Playa Bowls for a refreshing fall treat. The Apple Turn Up, Jack O Lantern and Harvest Acai bowls are an ideal autumn treat.

6. Dairy Queen: Who could resist some delicious ice cream? The Dairy Queen on Main Street is offering a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard this fall. Yum!

Be sure to get your fall food fix before the season ends, Colleiettes!