Face Your Finals (Without Stress)

It’s the end of the semester, so you know what that means! You can hear the beach calling your name, you can see your bikini-clad body lying under the sweltering sun and you can also see five finals that you have to study for before any of what I just described actually happens.https://gph.is/1sFaAzh

So, if you are like me, who had an essay (with a project), two exams and a two-part group project due before finals even started, again, you’re probably going to look like this:




Or (this is me when I’m stressed)


CALM DOWN! You’re not dead yet (is what I tell myself to feel better). And here at HerCampus, we are going to give you tips (or my personal tips) on how to better prepare for finals.


1.      Get some exercise. Endorphins running through your body clears your mind, making you feel lighter and in a better mood to take on whatever challenges you have (or something like that…)


2.      Get adequate amounts of sleep. You know the drill, and you know you have to. But seriously, if you’re not going to do any of my next pieces of advice, chances are you’re not going to remember anything that you learned…and besides, who doesn’t love sleep?


3.      Don’t cram. Finally, some actual study stuff! Not fun, but whatever. Yeah. Don’t do it. I don’t know about you but trying to do something at the last minute tends to hurt my brain. I get sick, and I end up forgetting about ¾ of what I was trying to cram in the first place. Just break it down and study a little bit at a time.


What? I didn’t say it was gonna be easy.

4.      Study with friends. Friends are great in college. They are a great ear for when you need to cry and rant and they are great study buddies and tools for getting ready for exams. Meet up with a few and share brains. Not really, but you get the point.


5.      Take breaks now and again. Studies have proven (don’t feel like digging up the statistics, so just take my word for it) that taking breaks between studying helps you retain more information. Study for an hour or so at a time and take a ten (or maybe 30) minute break, then get back to it.


6.      Don’t procrastinate. This goes pretty hand-in-hand with the cramming thing. Time is a beautiful thing: there’s always enough of it…until there isn’t. It’s really, really hard to cram 14 weeks’ worth of material into your head in two days. I PROMISE you, it won’t work. So, you have time now. Use it wisely.


Now please excuse me while I go do none of the things that I just advised you on and go watch Riverdale instead. Deuces!