Dont Stay In The Shadows, Instead Wear Them: Take A Look At Almay's NEW Shadow Squad Eyeshadows!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I had the pleasure of covering Almay’s NEW Shadow Squad Eyeshadow and I feel so blessed!

I love makeup. Even though I am not a professional or anywhere near great at doing makeup, I still like to experiment with it. That being said, I am of average skill which means that anyone could mimic my looks.

I used three of the MANY pallets we received: Ambition, The World Is My Oyster and Thrill Seeker.

Each is equally beautiful. What’s great about these pallets is that they each have 4 colors in them. There are two matte and two shimmery. They are all perfectly corresponded shades as well. The shimmery have loose sparkles in them which I love because you can dust them over your final look.

I also love the pigments. While they are not Tarte or Urban Decay, they are definitely the cream of the crop for the drugstore world. The pigment is absolutely perfect. It’s not over kill, yet it’s still enough to get the job done without primer. They go on smooth as well.

I decided that I wanted to explore a night time party look. Applying these colors, I used Ambition for my crease, along with some Thrill Seeker. I then pulled Thrill Seeker down under my eye to my lower lash line for an added bold look. Lastly, I used The World Is My Oyster on my eyelid and the lightest shade in it for my highlighting color on my inner creases and under my brow.

(keep in mind my hair looks wretched in these pictures...but curled or straightened hair would have completed the look. I was also tired and the lighting sucked. Don't harshly judge me haha).

Almay’s Shadow Squad Pallets are the best bang for your buck if you want a beautiful look, day or night! #AlmayReveal #ShadowSquad