A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Places To Procrastinate On Campus

There’s no better way to celebrate being back at school than...DUN, DUN, DUN: finals week. While we still have some time to go before the grand (final)e of Fall semester, there’s no doubt that the papers, projects, presentations and tests are beginning to pile up.

As a future teacher, I try to be as diligent as I can about deadlines and time-management. After all, that’s the culture I’m going to have to promote in my classroom. And while “organized” is something I aspire to be one day, it’s no secret I’m pretty good at procrastinating, especially around UD.

Here my top eight spaces around campus to procrastinate, places where you too can waste your time away:

1. ISE Lab

You may be asking yourself, “What is an Education major doing in the ISE lab? or, “Why would one go to the ISE lab not to get work done?” Two words: Einstein Bagels.

2. Trabant

If you’ve ever tried to get work done here, you’ve probably walked away with the same realization I have: don’t. But, for when you are looking to cram, I highly recommend Daughtry Hall, a lesser known asset of the building, pictured above.

3. The Fountain

Okay, this one is isn’t completely applicable in winter, but any other time of the year, you can catch me napping here.

4. Brew Ha Ha

While technically off-campus, Brew Ha Ha has become a campus fixture. And let’s be honest: No one goes to Main Street with the intention of studying.

5. The BSM House




One of my personal favorite places to waste the night away is the BSM House. Being surrounded by friends and constant screams, laughs and movie marathons has been completely detrimental to my work (but so worth it for the experience).

6. Any dorm/your apartment

When I moved into my apartment at the beginning of the year, I was excited to finally have a quiet space to do my homework. Unfortunately, I discovered that I’m incapable of getting work done when I have food, my bed and countless other distractions.

That all being said, it’s important to minimize distractions and focus on your work - especially now. While procrastinating can be great and will likely be something that continues to plague me, it’s time to hit the books for the final push. You got this, Collegiettes!