The Cart at UD!

If you’ve ever had class in Smith, Purnell, or Kirkbride Hall, it’s more than likely that you’ve noticed “The Cart” across the street.  Every day, no matter what the weather is like (we’re talking rain, snow, sleet, you name it!), the Cart is outside in its usual place, prepared to offer students a bite to eat for a college budget. Mike, the man pictured above, and his partner John run “The Cart”. They attended the Culinary Arts Institute of America and are experienced chefs. They decided to open up the food cart to serve their creations-- which Mike describes as a "Cuban and Asian fusion"-- to university students for "good cheap eats". Mike even gave me a sample, and the food is delicious! If you’re in a hurry, definitely stop by the cart and get a “taste” of why Mike and John love what they do!