Campus Pursuit UD

Imagine getting a notification daily with clues to finding free stuff on your campus. There are no strings attached, all you have to do is be the first one to get there. This isn't just a cool idea, it's a reality at the University of Delaware thanks to Campus Pursuit. Her Campus had the opportunity to speak to Campus Pursuit's creator Shachar Avraham to get the information you need to know to get into the game!

According to Avraham, Campus Pursuit is “a campus wide scavenger hunt that engages college students with brands.” By simply downloading the app and creating a profile, any student at a participating university is eligible to win prizes hidden around campus by being the first to solve a clue leading them there. The prizes can range from gift cards to local establishments, to giveaways from national brands such as Kind Bars or Chipotle.

Players around campus receive a push notification at some point of the day that notifies them of the hidden prizes and a clue for where they can be found. The lucky student to get there first and claim the prize scans a QR code to confirm that it was found.

Avraham and his college roommate Scott Wisotsky formed the idea for Campus Pursuit in October 2013. “One day we just came up with this idea of better ways for businesses to advertise to college students and it all started from our dorm room,” Avraham shared.

Campus Pursuit then launched their first scavenger hunt three months later in January 2014 at Binghamton University. Since then the app has expanded to campuses all over the country with a projected reach of fifty different campuses by September of this year.

Besides providing college students with a fun and innovative way to win free prizes, Campus Pursuit has an ambassador program at each of its active schools. The program is an opportunity for students to gain marketing experience by hiding the prizes and then creating buzz for the app on their campus through social media and traditional advertising methods.  Ambassadors also have the option to make sales with local businesses and gain experience closing deals for future Campus Pursuit prizes. On top of all the marketing experience, brand ambassadors for Campus Pursuit are responsible for putting smiles on the faces of prizewinning university students daily. If you're interested in getting involved as a campus ambassador, check out this video which features the UD ambassadors.

So what are you waiting for, Delaware? Get in the game and download the app on ios or android today!