Barista Perspective: What To Actually Get At Starbucks

Have $8 to blow? Here’s your next Starbucks drink of choice:

I go to Starbucks a lot. Like, it’s almost unhealthy. So when I found out I not only had enough points for one free drink with my gold membership, but three, I was beyond excited. My go to at S-Bux is typically something boring like a cup of hot chocolate after class on chilly days or a grande Pike Place with skim milk. Since the price of a free drink at Starbucks has no dollar limit, I knew that I couldn’t settle for my bland $2 drinks when I could get something that weighs in around $10, so I turned to a Starbucks expert for help — my roommate. As a barista back at her home in Massachusetts, girl knows what she’s doing with an espresso machine and some syrup and was beyond excited to pass down some of her craziest drink concoctions to me. Here’s by far the craziest (and most expensive):

The Flat White Mocha

What to order: Venti quad ristretto, four pumps mocha, three pumps vanilla flat white with (milk of choice)

Screw absynthe, this right here is the drink of the gods. On a side note you’d probably need to be a god to afford this $8 monstrosity of a drink or be me and have enough points to get it for free. If I were rich or had free Starbucks for life, then this chocolatey, foamy, sweet cup of joe would be my go to on the daily. No joke. But I’m not, so looks like I’ll just have to get enough points for another free one. Typically, it takes me a while to bottom up a venti, but I downed this bad boy in a solid ten minutes. I was sad when it was gone. This drink is also a serious wake up potion with the amount of caffeine and sugar (worth it). So much so that I went for a run afterwards, which is rare for me. Tastes amazeballs and makes you feel like an Olympian. F*&^ing go buy this drink.

The Dirty Vegan

What to order: Venti triple shot iced soy chai latte with three pumps hazelnut

I’ll admit it, I’ve been between a flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian and not giving a f*&% since I sprung from the womb. Child me always ordered a chai latte (to my parents dismay, as this thing alone is a $4.50 drink). Now that I barista myself, I’ve livened it up a bit. This past weekend, I ventured to an unfamiliar Starbucks that rang this drink that I typically make myself for free up at a whopping $7.70. So, perfect for this article obviously! Vegan me adds soy, high school me who couldn’t live without hazelnut syrup in their iced coffee adds a few pumps of this and the insomniatic college student in me knows deep down she needs a triple shot mingled in there (and maybe a little vodka too, just don’t tell my boss).

Coconut Mocha Macchiato

What to order: just that!

The CoMoMa is a menu fave that will cost you a solid $6. Be prepared to empty your pockets for a cup full of joy. The Coconut Mocha Macchiato is lightly sweetened and spices up the boring old caramel macchiato with some added white chocolate, coconut milk and chocolate. Delish! Light! Love!