Ask Felipe: The Fourth Edition Q&A Of Udel's Solo Boy Member

HC: Naked and Afraid or Dating Naked?

FB: I’d rather watch the movie Sing (2016).

HC: If our parents say we cannot take candy from strangers, why do we have Halloween?

FB: Because parents lie.

HC: Hard or soft bristled toothbrushes?

FB: It really depends on what care your gums and teeth need. I personally prefer hard because it helps with my gum care. But, I highly recommend everyone purchase a Philip Sonicare toothbrush -- that thing is magicaaaaal!

HC: Are you more Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?

FB: Amy Poehler.

HC: Would you rather be Snooki giving Sammi the note or Sammi receiving the note?

FB: Snooki because I would try and help my friend, not leave a dinky little note and run away.

HC: Scenario: you’re a contestant on Naked and Afraid but your partner leaves a day in so you’re naked alone in the Canadian wilderness for 21 days. Would you stay a contestant?

FB: I’d leave faster than them.

HC: If a cow sneezes, does milk come out?

FB: That’s how they get almond milk.

HC: If cows ruled the world, would they drink human milk?

FB: Nah, they’d enjoy the cold, refreshing taste of an ice cold Pepsi.