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The Zodiac Signs As Comfort Water Bottles

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Below, find out which water bottle is the best fit for you based on your Zodiac sign. Figure out how you can find comfort in simple ways.

Capricorn: Yeti

This dependable water bottle is perfect for keeping liquids at the right temperature. Whether you’re going for ice-cold water on a summer day, or hot chocolate in early December, Yeti won’t fail to keep it at the right temperature for the full day. Much like a Capricorn, this water bottle is dependable and trustworthy because it knows how to get stuff done right. Plus it can come in all the earthy shades for this sign. 

Aquarius: Camelbak

This water bottle is great because it is lightweight and no-stress. Much like Aquarius, it doesn’t need to be taken on every trip or place, because it just goes with the flow. If you need it, you grab it, and if not, then it will wait on the counter for you once you get back. Aquariuses tend to be more solo people who prefer to make their own decisions rather than adhering to the rest of the group. Their unique presence is what attracts other people to their energy. 

Pisces: Klean Kanteen

This sign’s intuition is usually very strong and feels a connection to nature. This water bottle brand is also focused on being eco-friendly by saving plastic from polluting the planet through reusable water bottles sold at other organizations that push eco-friendly shopper experiences. Klean Kanteen is perfect for any of those granola pisces who are looking for a cute durable water bottle that is all about helping our planet. The emphatic sign of Pisces usually enjoys finding ways to help out any animals (like turtles suffering from plastic bags) and use sustainability in their day-to-day lives. 

Aries: Takeya

Aries are usually pretty outdoorsy: working out, swimming, hiking, and running are perfect with this athletic water bottle. Takeya can keep water very cold for up to 24 hours, which is necessary after all that active sweating and fitness, and it also has the perfect spout for a quick sip when feeling dehydrated. Any Aries will appreciate this water bottle for the next gym workout or camping trip coming up this next month. 

Taurus: Brita

Taurus always knows how to filter out the bad vibes, which is why Brita is perfect to go along with that. This calm and grounded sign knows that it takes a lot for their core to be shaken up, just as Brita can resist and filter out any of those weird chemicals in the water. This lightweight water bottle is also perfect to carry in a backpack when going out to just grab a sandwich (Tauruses are big foodies) or relax by the lake with some friends. 

Gemini: Stojo 

Is it a cup? Is it flat? Is it a cup? Is it flat? The duality of this water bottle is what makes it so Gemini. You can never tell what the next move might be, but it’s cute and it’s perfect for on-the-go. This bottle is used for warm beverages, such as tea and coffee usually, and is collapsible so you can carry it wherever with you. This is perfect for a Gemini who hasn’t decided what they might be up to next.

Cancer: S’well

The emotional sign of Cancer will probably need a big gulp of this water once they are done with their usual crying sesh and mental breakdown. This sign needs to focus on hydration with all those tears! This skinny water bottle is perfect to carry with you and share with anyone who might need a sip, which an empathetic Cancer might do. The durability of this water bottle will also feel comforting for this not-so-grounded sign. 

Leo: Hydroflask

This summery sign of Leo screams hydro flask on a hot day by the pool. Nothing is better than a fresh sip of this 2018 throwback, or maybe dunking the whole bottle on your face after sweating all day at the beach. This water bottle can be shared by all the friends on your beach/pool trip and remains the main character in everyone’s books. Nothing beats this trustworthy and loyal water bottle, it’s just how we feel about a Leo. 

Virgo: Owala

This leak-proof water bottle with a perfect straw for sipping is nice for a no-mistakes perfectionist Virgo. No messy water spills ensure an easy breezy day of fresh ice cold water with easy access, and ready for a day at work or at the gym. Owala comes in colors that usually include 3 sets of different coordinating shades, exactly what a Virgo needs because nothing is better than a satisfying color scheme to start the day off right. 

Libra: Stanley

This viral cup can satisfy any Libra with all its color options but is also perfect to keep on the nightstand when waking up for some fresh cold water after a fun night out, Libras love to party! Much like a Libra, it’s also a fun water bottle everyone wants: we can’t get enough of it, and it keeps going viral. Libras are also the glue of many friend groups, much like how Stanley is the current leader of the water bottles this year. 

Scorpio: Purist 

This water bottle has a glass-like feel once you take a sip, giving an elevated sense of being put together throughout the day. For the emotional sign of Scorpio, this water bottle encapsulates their one-of-a-kind energy and humor that can’t be matched. Unlike the rest of the water bottles, this glass sensation is what makes it so unique, and allows for it to feel less like a water bottle, and more like some fancy red wine. 

Sagittarius: Contigo 

This water bottle is perfect for on-the-go trips and summer drives. Sagittarians usually have a hard time staying in one place and focusing on just one thing, so this water bottle is perfect for this sign thats always ready for the next destination and activity. If they happen to love nature too, this bottle is lightweight to carry around hiking or just simply in a picnic basket! Don’t forget about the thermal Contigos that are great at carrying warm hot cider in the fall and winter months, just when Sagittarians are born. 

Those were the twelve Zodiac signs as water bottles!

Amelia is a freshmen at University of Connecticut majoring in Journalism. She loves to hang out with friends, go to yoga classes, swim, and binge watch Netflix. Her comfort show is Jane the Virgin and her go-to Starbucks bev is a pink drink!