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Here’s Your Next Full Moon Night Routine

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Full moons are a time of heightened awareness and intuition, renewal and regeneration for the upcoming month, and peace and clarity from the past few weeks. During a full moon, you can practice many different ways to ensure that you receive the full potential and energy from a full moon. Here are a few simple ways to elevate your night routine on this particular moon, and find a way that speaks to your soul best. 

WritinG & Releasing

The most common way used to release the past and welcome new ideas is by writing them all down and letting them go. The first step to do this is finding a quiet space or moment in your night to center your thoughts without any distractions. Although this can be difficult in college, maybe something as simple as putting your AirPods in and listening to some relaxing music can help you focus. Once you feel calm and centered, start writing down certain statements or ideas, and getting really specific with what you want coming forward. For example, have you been feeling more jittery and nervous towards the end of winter? Maybe you can write down “I release all anxiety. I welcome peace into my life this spring season.” Finally, whatever statements you choose to release, can now be burned. Use a candle, lighter, match, or even a campfire if you’re feeling creative, to “release” this energy by burning it away. Letting go of this attachment and expressing it by writing it down is one of the most powerful ways to release and welcome change. 

Cleaning & Decluttering

This practice enforces the idea of balance and a fresh start. A clean space is the best way to have an organized mind, but a space that is decluttered allows you to bring your attention to the items around you that really deserve your attention. Prioritize what matters most to you and what you want, or don’t want, in your space for the upcoming month. Make sure to go through your clothes, papers/documents, miscellaneous items, “junk drawers,” anything that may be broken, and ask yourself if it is necessary to keep around, what value it holds to you, and if you can clear it out of your space. Slowly eliminating what is unnecessary in your space allows you to give everything else in your home more attention and appreciation to it. Releasing and letting go of old things can also help let go of past toxic behaviors or even people — and finally allow you to have the fresh start you’ve been needing. 

Drinking Moonwater

This method is best used to create new energy moving forward, and setting intentions on what matters most to you. The first thing that needs to be done is getting a clean glass bottle for your fresh water. On a piece of paper, write down your intentions for what you need on the full moon. Focus on what areas of your life need improvement, what you want to reflect on, or even something you hope happens soon. Once you’re done, fold it up and place it under the bottle near a window or where the light of the full moon will reach the bottle. Let the water absorb the light and energy of the moon overnight, and make sure to grab the bottle and put it somewhere dark before the sun comes up. Whenever you’re finally ready, you can take that water and drink it, or use it any other way, like washing your face, or hair, or putting it in your humidifier. Drinking this water will let your body absorb the energy of the intention that was placed under the power of the full moon. 

Full moons are a very mystical time filled with potential. These are just a few ways to help you elevate your night routine the next time you experience a full moon!

Amelia is a freshmen at University of Connecticut majoring in Journalism. She loves to hang out with friends, go to yoga classes, swim, and binge watch Netflix. Her comfort show is Jane the Virgin and her go-to Starbucks bev is a pink drink!