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Your Guide to Surviving an All-Nighter

If in college you aren’t forced to stay up all night, then are you really doing college?  We trick ourselves into thinking we can function with no sleep.  Some of us have stayed up dancing until dawn, while others have hit the books ’til the sun rises over the campus horizon. We’ve all been there.  We’ve all probably done both.  But even if you’re one of the sleepless elite, or just HAVE to get that essay done by tomorrow’s discussion, pulling all-nighters isn’t exactly an easy task.  And to be honest, no matter what you’re doing, the thought process behind an all-nighter is the same as any other.

First, you come to the realization that you will be wide awake for the coming hours.  

You come to terms with it, even though it’s not really okay.

If you’re going out, you get pumped.

If you’re cramming for a test, you pity yourself.

No matter what activity you’re doing, at about 1a.m., you get hungry and order food.

But there’s only a few more hours, you can do this!

4 a.m. rolls around… 

And when you finally reach your bed:


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