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Your Guide to Packing the Perfect Spring Break Carry-on Bag

With all the frantic last minute errands that come with realizing spring break is around the corner, most over us overlook one of the most important things when traveling, packing a carryon bag. Carry-ons are more than just a place to store things to keep you busy on a plane and should be packed with as much thought as packing luggage. Before heading to the airport, here’s a list that will help you pack a complete carryon.


1. A backpack

Backpacks are the easiest way to carry things while traveling. Try to choose one with multiple compartments and pockets to keep you organized and allow you to store as much as you need.

2.  A change of clothes

Luggage gets lost at airports all the time! Throwing a change of clothes and a few extra pairs of underwear into your carryon is a great precaution in case you arrive at your destination and your luggage doesn’t.

3. Anything you’d hate to lose

Bring aboard your wallet, important documents, any valuables, camera equipment, and medications rather than packing them away in luggage. It’s better to keep these things close by.

4. Makeup wipes

Fresh mascara may have sounded like a good idea when you left the house, but by the third hour on the plane the only think you’ll want to do is rub your eyes.

5. Headphones

Sometimes the most obvious items are the most forgotten.

6. Books/Magazines

Now’s your chance to finally read 50 Shades of Grey or flip through the Victoria’s Secret catalog that’s been sitting on your desk.

7. Phone charger

Some may think a dead iPhone is worse than lost luggage.

8. Laptop/iPad/Tablet

Plane rides are a great time to catch up on all the episodes of Friends you missed while studying for midterms.

9. Deodorant

It’s always nice to stay fresh!

10. Ear plugs

We all know that a long plane ride means a long nap. However, the screaming baby two rows back didn’t get the message.

11. Snacks

Although planes do have a variety of food to choose from, it’s always a good idea to pack a few of your favorite snacks. Personally, I always like to keep a Snickers bar in reaching distance.

12. Extra hair ties

This is actually just an important thing to remember to pack in your purse every day.


13. Chapstick

For those of you going somewhere warm and tropical, choose a chapstick with SPF 30.

14. Gum

Chewing gum can help prevent your ears from popping with the changes in altitude on an airplane.


15. Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste

Brushing your teeth at the end of a flight will help you feel as fresh as possible when you get off the plane.

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