You Know You Love A Cappella When...

Since I watched Pitch Perfect for the first time, I have been a little bit more than obsessed with collegiate A Cappella groups. So when I came to UConn, I was over-the-moon that not only were our A Cappella groups good but that people would stand in line for hours waiting for them to perform.

That was how the Spring Rush Concert was tonight. The line went from the Student Union Theater to the Game Room. Talk about the passion of music!

All of the A Cappella groups on campus performed two songs. While Conn Men are always a classic, Rubyfruit also stole the stage with their rendition of “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding. 

There was lots of clapping and shouting of names, much like you would expect at any musical event. However, unlike any other event not only were the a Capella groups singing, they were recruiting.  The Spring Rush concert is about getting new members into the eight current A Cappella groups on campus, CDN (Completely Different Note), A Minor, Notes Over Storrs, Rolling Tones, Chordials, Rubyfruit, Extreme Measures, and Conn Men.

Those people interested in rushing should consider their musical style before setting on auditioning for a particular group. While each A Cappella group has their own spunk to them, they all have something important in common, the production of excellent music.

The concert was a hit, not only filling the Student Union Theater but also having to turn people away. The A Cappella experience is like no other here at UConn.  The sheer excitement people get from the music and people, the different voices of so many students on campus, and the overall atmosphere of A Cappella is one that draws many into the exclusive club of a Capella singers.

Those wishing to audition for A Cappella groups should meet in the Music building at 6 p.m. on Monday, February 3rd.

Here’s hoping you can sing “Cups” or maybe even “Every Night” in tune. I can’t but maybe you can.