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Why the UConn Women’s Win Streak is So Important

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the UConn women’s basketball team recently won 100 consecutive games.  The UConn women even won after they broke triple digits, putting their current streak at 103 games.  This is very important, people!  Led by coach Geno Auriemma for the last 31 years, the  Lady Huskies never fail to disappoint.  Winning their 100th game in a row was no small feat.  Their astronomical success has been showcased season after season through their hard work and talent.  It took years of training and a ton of teamwork to get to this point.  After all, you don’t just become the pride and joy of the state of Connecticut by looking pretty, do you?   

The Huskies’ 91st victory over Southern Methodist in Dallas broke not only the NCAA record for a win streak, but their own record, again.  UConn’s previous streak had been 90 wins, then women won their 100th game against No. 6, South Carolina.  They kept winning.  The UConn women now have not one, but two streaks longer than the longest men’s streak in the NCAA (88 wins).  They are tied with the UCLA men’s basketball team for most NCAA championship wins in history, 11 to be exact.  They also hold four of the five longest winning streaks in NCAA women’s basketball history.  (Take that, male chauvnists.)  It’s not just a bunch of girls running up and down a court.  They are athletes in a league of their own.  To undermine their achievements in any way because they are women says more about the person who said it than it does about the Huskies.  The fact that they won 103 games in a row is not impressive because they’re girls.  It’s impressive because they’ve won 103 games in a row!  

These girls prove time and time again that being the greatest does not come easily or naturally.  The UConn women’s basketball team isn’t your average sports team.  They are students of the University of Connecticut, first and foremost, even though they seem like superstars.  The girls balance an already demanding class schedule with rigorous practices, games, and social lives.  They are the queens of prioritizing and do so with grace.  They make it look so easy that we forget they are human.  I mean come on, they had time to win 103 games.  

This outstanding streak can only continue during post season, as the girls advance to playoff season.  Now that’s what we call winning.  March Madness, the UConn Huskies are coming!


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