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With the University of Connecticut’s Men’s Basketball Team winning their sixth National Championship, you would think UConn has it all. We surely do have so much to be grateful for. However, the Storrs campus is missing something that in my opinion is extremely necessary. MASSAGE CHAIRS!

excellent for in-between classes

Most of us are constantly walking to classes and sometimes we have that awkward hour in between where there is nothing to do. It’s too long to eat the entire time, and too short to go to the library or the Rec Center. Most of the time I just end up on my phone somewhere. It has me constantly thinking how it would be SO nice to have massage chairs in popular places like the Student Union, Rec Center, libraries, etc. Imagine just sitting on the chairs listening to music, or with friends and everyone can just relax for a little bit. It seems like the most ideal way to pass the time. You could even study while using them (for faculty members: this potentially could increase the average grades for our classes)!

As college students, we unfortunately find ourselves being super anxious and worried. Sitting in the chairs, relaxing, and removing yourself from the real world for a little bit of time can go a long way! Just being able to stay care-free for even five minutes I believe can effectively help our productivity in the long run and relieve some of our issues. It is just like meditating without the accidentally falling asleep part. Investing in massage chairs around our campus, to me, has no obvious reasons as to why it is not the most perfect idea.

a great alternative for a spa

A good chunk of us have probably been to a spa and gotten a massage before. Even if you haven’t ever experienced a spa (it’s okay, same), you are most likely aware of how expensive it can be. A short simple massage price can quickly escalate close to $50.00. I know I would enjoy having massage chairs around campus for much less than spa retail prices. It would be ideal for UConn to let us use them without paying money, however even if the chairs had us pay, I’m positive it would be put to use by plenty of students. Attaching a price could have positive effects like preventing one person from hogging up the chair for too long.

The most important reason though that comes to my mind for having these machines, however, is for just massaging! I often find parts of my body super sore from random activities. It could be from running after a long time, sleeping in the wrong position, or just having an extra fun time going out. The amount of times I would have killed (not actually, of course) to have a massage chair in my proximity just so it could relieve my aches and pains, is extreme. Having a whole body massage at your disposal without paying for a spa has got to be everyone’s dream.

some obvious medical reasons

If anyone needs more convincing, here are a few benefits to using massage chairs: helps with psychological stress, improves circulation, boosts immunity, helps with pain, reduces muscle tension, enhances flexibility, lessens headaches, reduces neck problems and back aches, reduces anxiety, better digestion, and helps with depression.

The best massage chairs can help bring one’s body back into balance and can contribute to overall healthier blood pressure and heart rate levels. There are so many pros to having massage chairs accessible to the students of the University of Connecticut, and they should seriously be taken into consideration sooner rather than later. What a joy it would be!

Soumya is currently a sophomore at UConn (basketball capital of the world) studying Civil Engineering. Her hometown is Garnet Valley(PA), but has previously lived in Grafton(MA), Bangalore(India), Orange(CA), and Charlotte(NC)! She grew up dancing, singing, playing tennis, and loves spending time with her twin brother. She loves and is passionate about writing in Her Campus for so many girls to read!