Why Every Body is a "Bikini Body"

Welp, it's that time of year again. With New Year’s resolutions and winter slowly but surely running its course, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements and messages in the media talking about obtaining that perfect “bikini body” for when summer comes around.

But what exactly is a “bikini body”? Magazines, film, TV, and social media tell us that a “bikini body” is a toned, slim, tan, and oiled body that could grace the covers of Vogue or Sports Illustrated. But if we put it in its simplest terms, a “bikini body” is really just a body in a bikini.  You got a body? You got a bikini? You’ve got a bikini body!

Unfortunately, it seems that many women think that there’s a specific standard they have to meet before they can wear a bikini out in public. But with the rise of more average, everyday body types being displayed in media and fashion, that simply isn’t the case. “Plus size” models such as Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Graham, and Barbie Ferreira are breaking those boundaries. Check out some of their awesome bikini body pics!


Iskra Lawrence - @iskra on Instagram


Ashley Graham - @theashleygraham on Instagram


Barbie Ferreira - @barbienox on Instagram


If you need some more inspiration to get on out there in that two piece, check out some of our fabulous Her Campus UConn members' pics as well!

Nikki H.


Flannery M.


Sade P.


Tori L. & Jackie N.


So this summer, get out there with your fabulous, beautiful selves and rock that bikini wherever and whenever you want. Spread the body positivity! 



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