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Who wouldn’t want the Peanuts star as their valentine? Even if the other characters can’t come to terms with it, Charlie Brown is extra loveable in this Charles M. Shulz classic. Here are the most swoon-worthy parts: 

Cupid Snoopy

Snoopy proves time and time again how he really is a man’s best friend. After he catches Charlie Brown hanging out by the mailbox waiting for valentines, Snoopy appears with his bow and arrow targeting Charlie Brown. Despite his near-perfect aim, he keeps missing his pal and Charlie Brown is completely oblivious to his whole charade. Finally, he runs right up and plops the arrow on Charlie Brown’s head. Finally feeling a sense of triumph, Snoopy skips off and leaves Charlie Brown even more confused, but this is a great example of Snoopy’s love. Snoopy’s love language is definitely acts of service and it shows. 

Lucy really knows it all

Per usual, Lucy is leaning against Schroeder’s piano as he plays. She’s reading about the history of Valentine’s Day and educating him all about the holiday of love. A sophisticated girl who loves a sophisticated boy, she knows the way to his heart is through historical knowledge. She exclaims, “It says here that it is probable that the valentine was the first of all greeting cards.” She joyfully continues and reads that, “By the 1800s, hand-painted copper plates were produced to meet the large demand.” For emphasis, she asks “Get it, Schroeder? To meet the large demand for valentines?” and cannot contain her excitement. We don’t always see Lucy so happy, so this is a wholesome moment of her reading up on her Valentine’s Day history and displaying some affection for Schroeder. Lucy doesn’t show positive emotion often, so you have to take it when you can get it!

Hand(or paw)made Valentines

Sally, with her longtime crush on Linus, is determined to make him a heartfelt valentine straight from her own scissors and paper. However, she’s struggling to cut a heart-shaped card. Funny enough, she can cut out every other shape in a deck of cards, except for a heart. Snoopy, always the show-off, comes by to cut a very intricate valentine with moving parts and sounds. To Sally’s shock, Charlie Brown encourages her to keep trying and then gives it a go himself. Thinking back to Halloween, Charlie Brown had “trouble with scissors” when making his ghost costume, so immediately it doesn’t seem like he will have much luck here. Nonetheless, he’s been practicing with scissors since October and makes a great valentine! It looks great for a second, which seems to be a win for Charlie Brown! Until, as predicted, the valentine falls apart. This can’t be a measure of Charlie Brown’s love, as we all know he has so much to give regardless of how durable his valentines are. The quick moment showcasing his scissor skills was a tiny win for Charlie Brown, and it’s sweet that the three of them are spending time making things for their friends. 

Spread the Love–Elsewhere

Linus bought his teacher, Miss Othmar, the biggest box of chocolates and hopes to give it to her at the school Valentine’s Day party. Charlie Brown brought his briefcase to school in case he gets a lot of valentines. Unfortunately for both of these boys, their hopes were a little too high. Miss Othmar left with her boyfriend before Linus could deliver his valentine, and Charlie Brown got a candy heart that reads “FORGET IT, KID!” but no valentines. Both are equally upset and decide to throw the towel in on Valentine’s Day altogether. They head home, where Charlie Brown throws his briefcase at his mailbox and leaves it there for the night. Linus heads to the bridge to throw the chocolates into the river. As angry as he is, Snoopy and Woodstock feel so loved to be “showered” with candy, catching it in their mouths. Jumping ahead to the next morning, Charlie Brown is already looking forward to next year’s Valentine’s Day and hoping that it will finally be the year he receives some heartfelt notes. 

Between Charlie Brown’s optimism and Snoopy’s antics, there is so much to love about the whole Peanuts crew. Although “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” doesn’t feature any character proposing to Charlie Brown, it makes viewers of all ages want to have Charlie Brown as their valentine. Whether you have someone to buy or make valentines for, or if you’re still wishing for that special someone, fall even more in love with these classic characters and check out this sweet Valentine’s Day special!

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