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Who Will Survive The ‘Stranger Things’ Series Finale: My Predictions

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After almost a decade of being around, the popular science fiction TV series Stranger Things is coming to an end. The Duffer Brothers, creators of the hit Netflix show, have recently revealed the potential of one or more main characters dying. This has left fans wondering who they would possibly kill off. While we wait for the final season to come out, here are my predictions on who will make it to see at least the 90s.

Will Byers

Will Byers has been through enough. Between being trapped in the Upside Down, possessed by an evil entity from another world, in love with his presumably straight best friend, and having a bowl cut, I would hope the writers would cut him a break. However, I think Vecna is coming back for him and will have it out for him. The producers have said that this upcoming season will relate back to the first season, and Will is a huge part of the history of the Upside Down. Even though I personally feel having Will die after surviving everything would leave the viewers angry, I could see him dying as a full circle moment in relation to his disappearance in the pilot episode.


Eleven/Jane has also been through enough. She has saved the town time after time and still can’t get a second to catch her breath. However, El has proven to be loyal to her friends and would give her life to save the group, as she proved in the season one finale when she destroyed the Demogorgon. She is the most connected to the Upside Down and will therefore have a huge role in the series finale. It will inevitably be up to her to save the people she loves, and she might die doing it.

Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler has always been considered the leader of the friend group and would do anything to help his friends. He has proven his loyalty by never giving up on finding Will and even jumping off a cliff to save Dustin’s life in season one. Mike’s dedication to his friends might be his ultimate downfall, as it could lead to him ultimately sacrificing himself to save the group. However, since season three, his character has shifted to being more self-centered and less worried about his friends, which makes me uncertain if he would still do whatever it takes to save the important people in his life. Honestly, if he doesn’t start acting like seasons one and two Mike, then I wouldn’t be devastated if his character died.

Lucas Sinclair and Max Mayfield

Lucas Sinclair and Max Mayfield will survive because I simply will not make it if they don’t. Maybe I am biased because I love them together more than anything, but I really do believe they deserve to have happy endings. Lucas has had some major character development over the seasons and has become an empathetic, intelligent person. As for Max, hopefully, her bones heal and her vision comes back so they can see their movie together. Realistically, I think these two are safe because Max has already had her plot line with Vecna and Lucas isn’t really connected to the Upside Down.

dustin henderson

Dustin Henderson quickly became a fan favorite from adding comedic relief to even the most intense and dark scenes. While being one of the main characters of the show and definitely well-liked by viewers, he doesn’t play an important role in the show other than cracking a few jokes or assisting in the fights against the Upside Down. I can’t picture a scenario where Dustin would die or how that would add to the plot, other than showing how even the happiest and most likable people aren’t safe from the dangers of the Upside Down. Ultimately, I think they would keep him alive to show his devastation of losing his best friend/babysitter…

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington, in my opinion, is not making it out alive. His running back into the house to fight a monster from another universe to protect Nancy back in the first season shows his dedication and love for his high school sweetheart. All of his actions lead back to Nancy, so I could see him dying for her. Another possible outcome is his sacrificing himself to save the group as a whole. Steve has had the best character development, turning from a high school jock/jerk to protecting a group of people he barely knows time after time showing that he is a selfless character and would do whatever it takes to save the others.

Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers is definitely safe. As cutthroat and depressing Stranger Things can get with their character deaths, I don’t think they would kill off a mother, especially the only present one in the show. I also can’t imagine them killing Winona Ryder because she’s too iconic for that. I think she will be put through enough as I believe someone close to her is going to die, but her dying wouldn’t really add anything to the storyline.

Jim hopper

Jim Hopper cannot be killed. The man has survived everything thrown his way, whether it’s an alternate dimension or a Russian prison, he simply can’t be taken down. Also, with him “dying” at the end of season three, it feels wrong to have another plot line of him being killed. At this point, it just wouldn’t make sense to go down that path. After losing his daughter to cancer and his marriage with his wife, the viewers want to see him get his happy ending with Joyce and El.

Nancy wheeler and Jonathon byers

Nancy Wheeler’s chance of surviving is not so good, in my opinion. She still carries the guilt of losing her best friend Barbara and hasn’t fully forgiven herself, even after getting revenge for her death. If it came down to it, I think she would sacrifice herself, at least for Mike, Jonathan, or Steve, in order to redeem herself for not being there to save Barbara. Similarly, I could see Jonathan giving up his life to save the people he loves, especially his brother Will, or his first love Nancy.

Hopefully, this season will come out in the next decade or so and I can see if I was right. Overall, this series finale is expected to be a huge hit and will give the viewers closure on what happens to these characters.

Ava Evison

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Ava Evison is a freshman at the University of Connecticut who is studying Human Development and Family Sciences. In her free time, she likes to swim, watch Netflix, and hangout with her two rescue dogs.