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Which “Stranger Things” Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things, then you’re way behind on this binge-worthy phenomenon. We all fell in love with the characters. They each encompass a little bit something different, in the most endearing ways – well except the Demogorgon. So which character are you? Are you flirtatious like Nancy or shy like Eleven? Check your zodiac sign to find out.



You’re Mike! You’re extremely adventurous and brave. No matter what, Mike was on the search to find his friend. Sometimes naivety can get in your way, like trusting strangers, but that’s just part of the adventure.



You’re Hopper! Although at first you may be reserved, there is a much deeper layer to you. Despite trying to keep your emotions hidden, you’re a secret softie. You empathize with people and will do anything give them the justice they deserve… even if that means breaking into secret laboratories.



You’re Steve! There are definitely two different sides to you. One minute you can be a little cold, like smashing someone’s beloved camera cold, but the next minute you’re sweet and charming.



You’re Jonathan! You put your family before everything else. The people you love are the most important to you, always. Although, you do have a mysterious side, which can leave you lurking through the woods.



You’re Dustin! You’re extremely devoted to people and will use your charisma to bring them together. People gravitate towards you due to your loyal nature. No fight between friends is too much for your charm to handle.



You’re Eleven! You may be shy at first, but that won’t stop you from fighting for what you believe in. You are always willing to sacrifice yourself for the people that have protected you, including giving yourself nosebleeds for them.



You’re Joyce! Your idealism is an inspiration to all. No matter what obstacles get in your way, you see the light in the situation (literally and figuratively). You do everything in your power despite the difficult odds, especially if that means saving your son.



You’re Dr. Brenner! You’re incredibly passionate about your pursuits, however questionable they may be. Once you set your mind to it, you ensure that it comes to fruition. Just try to make sure this determination is for a good cause.



You’re Nancy! You’re incredibly enthusiastic and free-spirited.  Even when pursuing the bad boy, you have the optimism that there is some heart inside of him. Keep on seeing the good in people!



You’re Lucas! You’re extremely reliable, especially in a time of crisis. You can be quite cautious, like not trusting a mysterious girl who barely speaks. You don’t make rash decisions because you take responsibility for the outcome of events.



You’re Will! You’re one of the most unique people out there. Some may call you unusual, but really you’re just quirky. The people who care about you will do anything to keep you in their lives.



You’re Barb! You thrive in compassion. You understand that helping your friends is important, even if they don’t always appreciate it (looking at you Nancy). Just don’t let your emotions take too much of a toll on you.



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Brenna is a senior communication student and the vice president of Her Campus UConn. She can be found getting emotional over sports, curating Spotify playists, or geeking out over Star Wars. 
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