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What Your Laptop Stickers Say About You

Laptop stickers can say a lot about a person, and one of my favorite things to do when I’m starting to lose motivation in the library is to look at the stickers on other people’s laptops. These stickers are the perfect way to express yourself and are a window into the student’s interests and personality. Here you can try and figure out what your stickers say about you.

1. Laid-back/chill stickers

You are a go with the flow, “whatever” type of person. You are probably very easy-going, and when your response to the infamous question, “where do you want to eat?” is, “I don’t care,” you actually do not care! You stay away from the drama and maintain a friendly, positive personality that people love.

2. Statement Stickers

You know exactly what you want and are not afraid to share your opinions to the world (and you’re probably super bad-a**). You are extremely up to date on all global issues and current events. One day we will probably see you on a magazine cover for starting a movement or creating some type of non-profit.

3. Humor Stickers

You like to joke around and have a fun, inviting personality. You are always the person that keeps the mood light and cheery during finals. So thank you, from all of us library-goers, for making us smile when we’re stuck inside on a beautiful day.

4. School Spirit Stickers

You love everything about this school. A lot (but then again, who doesn’t?). You are very school spirited and are probably involved in a lot of on-campus clubs. Assuming you attend all sporting events, we may even see you at the next tailgate or game with blue and white face paint. Go Huskies!

5. Adventure Stickers

You don’t like to stay in one place for long; boredom and relaxation are not your thing. You would much rather be hiking a mountain or hitting the slopes instead of sitting in your discussion (completely understandable). You are always bringing people on new adventures with you and are always down to have fun.

6. Preppy Stickers

Your Lilly Pulitzer patterned monogram stickers and Vineyard Vines whale sticker show that you have your life together and most likely have some high standards – which is not a bad thing! Online shopping is your forte, and your friends love to raid your closet for your new Lulu’s or J. Crew sweaters and ask for fashion advice (resume-worthy). In fact, you probably have a Vineyard Vines tab open right next to this one.


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