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What Your Blaze Order Says About You

Since Blaze Pizza has arrived in Storrs, it has taken campus by storm. Those of us who go to Blaze more than once a week (guilty) have got the process down pat by this point…a.k.a., we all have a typical order that we get every single time. Ever wonder what that order says about you? Look no further!

Signature Pizzas

You are: Trusting

Not only do you trust Blaze Pizza with designing your flavor combination of the day, you are extremely trusting of your peers, including your friends and family. You have a giant heart and see the best in everyone – which is sometimes dangerous. Sometimes your inability to see the negative qualities in others gets you in sticky situations, but don’t worry because Blaze, unlike some people, will never let you down.

Meat on Meat on Meat:

You are: Valiant

You are confident and courageous. It’s not all who have a heart – and a stomach – like yours. While your audacity for meat is well-respected, sometimes you make the wrong impression on your peers; but don’t let that deter you from being the determined, bright-eyed individual you are.


You are: Sassy

No one needs something to spice up their life more than you. You love anything and everything with an edge and you are not afraid to serve what is served to you. Just make sure you don’t go over board and burn away too hard.

Three (or more) Cheeses:

You are: Humble

You have a quality about you that makes people feel wildly comfortable. It might be because you exceed at almost everything you try with flying colors. However, you don’t gloat about the ease with which you go through life – you focus on very noble things like the feelings of others and that’s why people can, almost universally, take comfort in you. 


You are: Shy

You are adorable, funny, kind, and your giggle is infectious. You may fly under the radar sometimes, but those who get to know you absolutely adore you. On the rare occasion that someone doesn’t particularly like you, it upsets you a lot because you care about everyone’s happiness. Just remember that the quality of friendships is much more important than the quantity. 

Pesto Sauce/Drizzle:

You are: Charming

Red sauce is plain – you need a sauce as fun and tasty as you! You easily get along with everyone you meet. You’re smooth, social, and everybody loves you, and for some reason, you don’t see that. You tend to be really hard on yourself, so next time you’re beating yourself up, treat yourself to Blaze instead!

All White:

You are: Intelligent

You are posh, cultured, and witty. You may come across a tad pretentious to some, but don’t dumb yourself down for the benefit of others. Everything you do, while bold, is meticulously calculated. Don’t let others shake you from your beliefs, desires, and from what you know to be true.

Plain Cheese:

You are: Reliable

Your loved ones always go to you in their time of need because you are trustworthy, comforting, and kindhearted. Sometimes you may feel less important or outgoing than others, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everybody needs someone like you in their lives.

 Every topping:

You are:  Adventurous

No matter what your level of comfort with an idea or activity, you always jump in with two feet. You love the idea of trying something new because of the possibility of it becoming one of your new favorite things! Just remember to use caution – not everything is as forgiving as a pizza topping.

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