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What To Put On Your Holiday Gift Guide Based On Your Aesthetic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

During the holiday season, it can be hard to think of gifts that you want. I find myself wanting different items all year but blanking when I get asked what I want. A great way to find items you may like is based on the aesthetic or style you currently have or want to have. On TikTok and Pinterest it feels like a new type of aesthetic is created and introduced every day. From coastal granddaughter to vanilla girl, to Pilates Princess, it’s easy to find outfit and item inspiration for any niche style or lifestyle. I love to mix and match different aesthetics based on the season, how I’m feeling, or what I’m seeing on social media. If you’re unsure what to ask for or get for a friend, here’s a guide based on the aesthetic or aesthetics you love.

Pink Pilates princess

One of the biggest trending aesthetics this year has been the Pink Pilates Princess. The Pilates Princess is focused on working out, fueling her body, and taking care of her skin. Similar to the “that girl” aesthetic except more hyperfeminine and “model-off-duty.” A staple clothing item is a pink workout jacket or set. For skincare, a rose quartz roller and Dior lip oil are also must-haves. As a part of the Pilates Princess’s morning routine, a pink workout mat and greens mix are essentials.

Coastal Granddaughter

The coastal granddaughter is the epitome of a relaxed New England summer filled with linen, blue, and white. Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty embodies coastal granddaughter and reading and watching the series will make you want your own East Coast summer romance. A perfect daytime outfit is a white and blue tank top with mom jeans and a pair of small gold hoops. To prepare for any beach sunset picnics a basket and fishnet bag are essential. Anyone who’s had a summer on the New England coast knows it gets chilly after sunset and a sweater from your favorite beach vacation spot is a great way to keep warm. 

Dark Academia

Dark Academia is all about the arts, higher education, and literature. Think Dead Poets Society, The Queen’s Gambit, and Harry Potter. Of course, you’ll need a collection of some special edition classics. A messenger bag is a perfect place to put all of your new books. To top off your vintage-inspired look, a gold heart locket and an Oxford library-inspired perfume are perfect.

Vanilla girl

The Vanilla Girl is somewhat of a combination of the clean girl and coquette aesthetics. It’s all about anything cozy, cream-colored, and cutesy. To stay warm in the upcoming winter months, Ugg Slippers and a cream sweater are must-haves. In the true spirit of the vanilla girl, a vanilla-based perfume and Summer Fridays lip treatment are great options. Some bonus items to go with your neutral room are a Jellycat stuffed animal and a funky bubble candle.

Rockstar girlfriend

The rockstar girlfriend is the epitome of a cool and edgy girl following her significant other on tour. Current style examples of this are Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox. Staples to get for this aesthetic are a leather jacket and bold red lip. To further accessorize, a pair of black or red all-stars and vintage-looking Marshall headphones (my personal favorite headphones) will complete the rockstar girlfriend look.

Types of aesthetics are constantly changing and evolving on the internet. It feels like every day a new “core” or subgenre of style is being created. All that’s important is you find and use the pieces and items you love and make you feel good. Whether you follow any of these aesthetics or none at all I hope you found some inspiration for you or a loved one for the holiday season!

Elysia Rudman is the TikTok Chair of Her Campus UConn. Elysia loves writing about fashion, pop culture, and social issues. She is currently a Junior studying Marketing. On Campus, Elysia is also the Vice President of Business Management Society. In her free time she loves going to museums, spending time with her dogs, and going to spin classes.