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What To Gift Your Male Relatives This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and this time of year is all about being around the people you love. Each year as I prepare my shopping list of items I would like to buy for my family, I often hit a roadblock when it comes to buying gifts for my dad and brother, or any male relative, for that matter. I’ve given them a basic sports jersey or warm pair of socks, but this year, I want it to be special. I know how hard it is to come up with new ideas every year, so let me help you out. Here is a list of potential gifts for your male relatives this holiday season.

1) Gift them an experience

If you want to switch it up this holiday season, consider buying your male relative an experience. This is a versatile option and you can conform the gift to their personal interests. You could buy them seats at a sports game or tickets to see their favorite performer in concert. You can also consider paying for them to do something more adventurous like an escape room or kayaking tour. Although this option can get expensive, you can give them an experience that aligns with your budget, and it does not have to be very extravagant.

2) Something Practical

If there is one thing that I know about my dad is that he is always working on the next home project or fixing something around the house. The next time something like this happens just sit back and listen to what he says he needs. If your dad is saying his windshield wipers are broken, consider gifting him some! You don’t have to overthink it, sometimes the best present you can get someone is something they will use every day and helps them solve a problem.

3) Something new they can try at home

Going along with the idea of gifting your male relative an experience is gifting them something new they can try, especially something that doesn’t require them to leave the house. Try getting them an ice cream maker or a small pizza oven. Both of these things can get them out of their comfort zones without requiring too much extra effort, and they can also use them with friends or family as well.

4) Something funny

Not all holiday gifts have to be sentimental. Maybe switch it up this year and get your male relative something that you know will make them laugh. Try getting a customized bobblehead or an apron that has a funny saying on it. Once again, this is an option that can easily adjust to whatever budget you are working with and has a lot of wiggle room.

5) Stick to the basics

Coming up with a unique gift is hard. It’s always safe to stick to the basics and gift your male relatives something like a cozy flannel or a new pair of slippers. Try writing a nice note or include a photo of the two of you alongside the gift to make it a little more personal and well-thought-out.

Coming up with new gift ideas can be challenging, but there is no need to overthink it. Simply pick something that falls within the five categories I have listed above, and you will surely make this holiday special for whoever the gift is going to. Whether it be your brother, your grandpa, your dad, or any other male relative, make this holiday a good one and think outside the box this year! 

Kayla Oriola

U Conn '24

Kayla is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying Political Science. She loves reading, listening to music, and Gilmore Girls.