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What I’m Thankful For…

As the Thanksgiving season rolls around the idea of being thankful is often brought up. As we all know, UConn has a variety of annoyances that affects our daily lives, ranging from the crazy weather to those classes that you swear make you die a little bit on the inside. As a UConn collegiette, I am grateful for all the good and bad that Storrs has to offer.  

I am thankful for the overachiever in my 8 a.m. discussion class. You all know who I am referring to, the overly peppy, annoyingly loud individual who always has the need to shout out the answer before the rest of the half asleep class has a chance to process the question. This person is foaming at the mouth and practically shaking with pent up knowledge on a topic that the rest of the class could care less about. You can almost feel bad for the T.A., they don’t know whether or not to tell this individual to be quiet or continue talking because they are the only one who responds to the question. Though this person may be the reason you choose to sleep in rather than go to discussion, I am thankful for this person. Without them, the rest of the class would actually have to worry about being the next person the T.A. calls on. Besides, if they talk long enough it wastes enough time so you can miss that quiz that was assigned for the end of the discussion, which is always an added bonus.

I am also thankful for those awkward moments when you run into your campus crush looking less than stunning. Maybe you’ve just come from the gym, pulled another all nighter cramming for a exam you forgot you had, or maybe the bathrooms were being cleaned at the hour of 9 a.m., making it impossible to take a shower. Regardless of the cause, you end up doing the awkward strut by your crush, hoping he isn’t looking your way, only to realize….they are looking right in your direction. Though you may believe this is pure bad luck, consider this: if he truly likes you for being the awesome collegiette that you are, then he won’t care that you aren’t dressed like you are trying to get into Nickel Night. To quote Drake “sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on that’s when you the prettiest I hope that you don’t take me wrong”.

Finally, I am always thankful for the lack of silverware in the dining hall. Nothing beats that moment of distress when you reach for the last spoon and some random jerk snipes it away. While cursing the fact that you now have to eat your cereal with a fork like an idiot instead of a spoon, you learn fast how to adapt how you eat your food different utensils. Eating an omelet with a spoon? No problem. Need to cut your steak? If you stab it enough times with your fork, you will eventually get the desired results. And of course nothing beats the cutting power of a plastic knife, where it snaps in half after two strokes.

Joking aside, it is truly the little things in life that can make your experience in college great.

Reflect on these little things this week and let people know how appreciative you are for them!

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