What Game of Thrones Character You Are Based on Your Finals Study Habits

Winter is coming yet again, collegiates. Game of Thrones is back! And, whether we like it or not, school is (almost), too. So find out which character you're most like based on your study habits! It'll be useful information once finals roll around, trust us.  


1.) If you didn't pay attention in class and have know idea what's going on while studying - Jon Snow

Just like Jon Snow you know nothing. You act confident but when it comes down to it you are super confused and just trying to not fail the class. 


2.) When you don't actually study until the very last second but still do really well on the exam - Daenarys Targaryen

You may be the Mother of Procrastination but when it comes down to it, you know how to get work done. You thrive under pressure and are the Khaleesi of you class. 


3.) When you study really hard and still don't do well - Samwell Tarly

No matter how hard you try things just don't go your way for this class. You've struggled all semester and the final did not go well. At least you tried your very best. 


4.) You convince other people to give you their notes and use them to do really well on the exam - Littlefinger

You know how to get people to help you and make deals extremely well. People trust you which allows you to get things like their notes from them. 


5.) When you have done well in the class all semester so you're not at all concerned for the exam and assume you will do really well - Tyrion Lannister

The class is a breeze for you so you have no plans to study. Even better you ace the exam and get an A in the class. 


6.) You study a little bit each day for a week and do really well on the exam. You learned this the hard way after not doing well on some exams last semester - Arya Stark

Just like Arya honed her skills with Needle, you have perfected your studying skills so you always get a decent grade. 


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