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What A “New” New Englander Needs For Winter

It’s official… the calendar has struck November, meaning winter is unfortunately on the horizon. Coming to UConn as an in-state student, I can sadly say I’m experienced with the whole “New England Winter” phenomenon, yet I’ve come to realize that some of our fellow students will be experiencing their very first winter up North. So for all the West Coast transplants, here’s what you’ll need in your closet to survive a good ole New England winter!

invest in a jacket

I know, I know, we’ve all had to hear our parents saying “bring a coat” practically every day since forever… but seriously, you’re going to need it. When shopping, try to find one that’s warm, waterproof, and windproof, of course, because you can never be too prepared. Whether you choose a classic puffer, pea coat, or workman’s jacket, just make sure you have one at the ready!

Layers, layers, oh, and layers

Now that you’ve picked out the coat, you’re going to need a layer or two, honestly three, underneath. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice style to be warm! Pick out a few good crewnecks, sweaters, and long sleeves, and you’ll be set. Some of my personal favorites when it comes to layering are a neutral crewneck with a flannel overtop, a long sleeve with a graphic T, or a chunky sweater with a turtle neck underneath. You can always mix it up with neutral basics and a pop of color overtop. There’s absolutely no giving up style to keep warm this winter!

Grab a hat

Trust me when I say I know we’re not all hat people, but you may reconsider when you step out into the tundra that is Storrs, Connecticut! A cute beanie added to your winter attire will make all the difference when it comes to keeping warm. You should always invest in a few so you have some options, like a neutral cable knit or something colorful to spice it up. The bookstore here on campus also added some new beanies to their collection, so you can stay warm from head to toe while repping UConn this winter!

Boots are made for walking

Here at UConn, we all get our fair share of daily steps in, make sure to grab a good pair of boots this winter to keep your feet warm and dry! A classic Chelsea boot is always a staple, and finding a wool-lined pair helps with insulation. Dr. Martens makes the perfect Chelsea boot. They’re a bit on the pricey side but they’re a great investment year-round. Another great boot for the rainier days this winter is L.L. Bean boots. They’re not the warmest, but they do keep you dry. As long as you pair them with thick socks you’ll be set.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the dreadful weather that’s coming, but I hope these tips can help you expand your closet this winter. Stay warm!

Gianna is a freshman at the University of Connecticut studying communication. She enjoys shopping, getting coffee, and taking pictures (mostly of her dog..)
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