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UYoga Brings the Zen to UConn

When I hear the word yoga I automatically think of twisting into a pretzel and meditating for what feels like forever. This is why I have steered away from yoga in the past. Everyone would tell me that it would be a great supplement to my exercise routine, but I would insist that I wasn’t flexible enough to do it and always chose to opt out. It wasn’t until I heard so many positive things about the newest addition to everyone’s favorite strip mall at UConn (think Baja and Wally’s) that I decided to give this trendy yoga thing a try. UYoga opened up last semester and has since been a warm, welcoming and rewarding yoga studio. And get this: it’s only $55 a month for students.

Yes, you read that right. Not only is UYoga offering some of the best prices (ever), but also their mission is far from what I described above. Owner Joe Cavanagh explained to me that their concept is high-fitness power yoga, also known as Baptiste. The numerous weekly offerings of hour+ classes are an amazing way to get a great workout in (while also saving yourself that 15 minute drive to and from Cardio Express) and to unwind from all the stress that school brings.

UYoga has something for everyone, which is why I especially love it. Their three types of classes offer different levels of intensity and heat. Divided into ULight, UAll and UPower, you are guaranteed to find your niche right away. You can check out their website for class descriptions to see which class is right for you and your body.

I recently tried my first UPower yoga class. I was scared going into it considering I could barely touch my toes. It turned out to be an amazing experience. Aside from the enthusiastic instructor (“Nick the quick” as I call him) and the positive energy in the room, the class allowed me to work strongly on my core (none of that pretzel-twisting stuff).  I woke up feeling sore (but great) the next day.

The studio features a beautiful mural painted by two UConn students Brigid Reale and Sarah Williams. Cavanagh explained that he wanted UConn students to use their artwork in the studio because he wanted to integrate it more with UConn campus. 

The studio’s close proximity to campus makes it accessible for anyone to come and try out a class. Cavanagh is willing to host student groups, so if you are looking for an extra workout for your club sports team or a fun sisterhood event for your sorority, UYoga is definitely the place to do it.

The first class is free, so now there are absolutely no more excuses to not come by and give it your best shot.

UYoga keeps students in mind at all times. From their convenient class times throughout the week, their extremely affordable (poor college student) prices, their amazing and helpful instructors and most importantly their incredible classes, UYoga has officially “Brought the Zen” to UConn. 

If you have any interest in becoming an instructor or check-in person at the studio, please contact owner Joe Cavanagh at joe@uyogastorrs.com.

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