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Unpopular Opinion: Fall is Overrated

Fall is so incredibly overrated. It seems like once October 1st comes around, everyone is running around like madmen screaming about “the best season ever of all time.”

First of all, it’s only pretty for about a week. We go from brilliant colors (which I will admit are very aesthetically pleasing) to grey and “blah” in the span of a week or so, even quicker if there is a huge storm that takes out all of the leaves. And another thing about those leaves: they are all dead. Now I love a good beautiful setting with the briliant colours and such, but it’s hard to ignore the prevailing sense of mortality, and I don’t like to contemplate my own existence more often than I have to.  

Something else for this overrated season, pumpkin spice flavored everything. Lattes, coffees, candles, soap, costumes, and even pringles. (Oh yes, all of these products are real.)

Speaking of pumpkin spice, let me just say, in the words of John Oliver: “The coffee that tastes like a candle. And I don’t mean it tastes like a candle smells. Pumpkin spice lattes taste like a candle tastes.” Just really gross.

Fall is the most overrated season of all, and you know, I don’t actually think everyone who says fall is their favorite season is being very truthful. I think the marketing and culture we live in has almost forced us into saying it is our favorite to avoid any scrutiny by our peers. So if you are one of those people who truly loves fall, you do you, but if you find fall to be distasteful and pretty annoying, don’t be afraid to say it. Maybe if we are a little more vocal about our distaste, this season will be like the falling leaves: fleetingly beautiful, but gone just as soon as it begins.



Cover photo source: Jackson Mitchell

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