UConn's BFA Art Show

For most of us, this Thursday evening consisted of getting ready to go to the Fetty Wap concert but for some others, they enjoyed their night  at the senior BFA art show. Just a 15-minute drive down to Willimantic, the Art Space helped provided space for the soon-to-be graduated seniors of the Art Department to host their annual Bachelors in Fine Arts Exhibition!

This year, the seniors put on a show like no other, from intricate illustration prints to life-size photographs and interactive touchpads for a few video-art collections. Here are a few photographs of some showstoppers works of the night.

Above is an intaglio printmaking piece crafted by Sona Moushigian. 

Above is Joshua Allen-Silvia's sculpture piece that is in the form of tear-drops as it relates to key moments of his art career.

Will Lanzoni's photographic prints,"But I Eat It Anyway" are influenced by pop-culture advertising and how the allure of junk food can be both attractice and repulsive.

Kim Vetel's graphic design piece, "Salty" invites guests to have a gumball from the glass jar in hopes of a sweet treat but it is the total opposite.

Above is Ryan King's abstract painting piece, "Visual Meditation Evolved." The artist wants the viewer to engage with piece as it is.


Above is Sarah William's design "Water" which breaks down the simiplicity yet mystery of our water ways.

If for any reason you didn’t get to make it out to the show, you can still stroll around the space this weekend or next week since it will be up and open to the public till April 28th! 


Cover photo credit and opening photo credit.

All other photos were taken by Emily Varjas.