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At UConn, we have a variety of dining options to choose from, thanks to our eight dining halls. After going on a quest to try them all, I’ve developed a ranking of my favorite (and least favorite) dining halls on campus. Here’s my take on all eight of UConn’s dining halls

1. Whitney

Although it may come as a surprise to many, Whitney is my favorite dining hall at UConn. Located on the East side of campus, this newly renovated dining hall is pretty much my safe haven at UConn. I find that the dining hall staff here always keeps the food restocked, and although there is a limited menu, there is always something good to eat. Not only is the food delicious, but the atmosphere of Whitney is what makes it my favorite dining hall. The “cafe” section in the back of the dining hall is my favorite place to sit and do homework, relax, and stay caffeinated with the fully stocked coffee and tea bar. Did I mention the student-curated playlist that plays throughout the dining hall? What isn’t there to love!

2. mcmahon

Although McMahon can sometimes be a hit or a miss, I have always been able to have a good meal there. Their food does not taste like “traditional” dining hall food, and their pizza is always delicious. On top of that, I love going to the late nights there! Especially since McMahon is centrally located on campus, I find myself going there pretty often (and enjoying it as well!)

3. south

South is a very solid dining hall option. They always have a pretty good variety, but what brings it up on the list is their International Station! I have always found this station to be my go-to at South, and have even found myself going out of my way to eat here when the menu looks good. Another perk is the friendly staff (who doesn’t love Soop Doop wishing you a good day!)

4. Northwest

I really like Northwest’s food and think that it is really good, but the atmosphere is not my favorite. It seems that a lot of groups go there together so I personally would never eat there alone. However, compared to North’s dining hall, this is definitely the better option! Overall, a pretty solid option for UConn dining halls.

5. putnam

Hot take: I really do not see the hype with Putnam dining hall. Maybe it’s because it is the closest dining hall to me so I’m used to it, but I find that they are always running out of food, the menu is not that good, and the downstairs section is closed a lot of the time. I think this may be because of COVID and staff shortages, but Putnam dining hall does not live up to all of the good things that I have heard about it. However, I do love the atmosphere of it (I am never scared of eating there alone) and a major plus is that it is newly renovated. This is a decently solid option, but certainly not my top choice.

6. gelfenbien (towers)

I have been to Towers a few times, and each time the food has been good! They also have certain specialty stations throughout the week (stir fry bar, pasta bar, etc.) that look really delicious (although I’ve never been there when they had them). What brings down its ranking is its location, it is really out of the way for most people besides those who live in Towers or Husky Village.

7. buckley

Although I haven’t been there this year, I did go to Buckley last year when the entire campus would be under quarantine (since this dining hall was only used for close-contacts). However, I always found the food to be delicious, and the staff to be super friendly. However, the dining hall is really small and there are not that many options for meals, which brings it down on my rankings. Generally, this is not one of the most-liked dining halls at UConn, but I do not mind it. 

8. north

I have only been to North one time, but based on what I hear from other people, I think this is a good place to put it on the list. I’ve found that people who live in North tend to go to Northwest instead for meals simply because they prefer it more and it is the better option. I do not have too much to say about this one, other than there are usually other better options.

Although this is my personal ranking of the UConn dining halls, I found that each of them has its own perks. I encourage you to scour the dining menus, try all eight dining halls, and devise your own ranked list!

Emily is a Pre-Teaching major at the University of Connecticut planning to study Secondary Math Education. In her free time, she likes to go on runs, spend time with family and friends, watch sunsets, and eat ice cream.
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