UConn Things Only the Class of 2020 Will Understand

Where are my 2020 Huskies at? It's been a crazy few years, and even within our short time here, there are some UConn things that only us Seniors understand. Grab a seat and get ready to go down memory lane. 

  1. 1. Never seeing a NCAA Championship 

    Despite being "The Basketball Capital of the World" with 5 consecutive championships in 2013 (Women's), 2014 (Men's and Women's) , 2015 (Women's), and 2016 (Women's). Fingers crossed for the upcoming 2020 season...

  2. 2. B.T., Before Huskies Tavern 

    With no cover and Dog Bowls, Tavern has forever changed the UConn bar scene. 

  3. 3. The Great Burger Debate of UConn

    Gather round ye freshmen and let us tell you of the time UConn tried to give us burgers with 50% mushrooms. Petitions were signed, protests were had. After years of back and forth, Bo's 100% beef burgers grace the dining halls. 

  4. 4. #ThanksSusan

    Back before we had a skateboarding President... because #ThanksTom just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  5. 5. Panda Freaking Express 

    Orange Chicken: Gone but never forgotten 💔

  6. 6. Finally being able to walk directly across campus 

    After 3 years at UConn we can finally walk directly from the School of Business to West without construction banners blocking our every move. Trust us, we didn't think it'd actually the day would come either. 

  7. 7. Lu's Cafe in the Basement of FSB 

    Ahh remember when you used to be able to get a blueberry muffin in the bottom of FSB, walk over to mirror lake and enjoy the view? At least we had two good years with Lu's 

  8. 8. The Rise and Fall of the Notorious Grill 86

    From the water damage, an elderly patron crashing into the front, and a whole slew of other rumors, it was a wild ride. 

  9. 9. The Beloved Chuck & Augie's 

    Throwback to when you used to be able to get boneless wings, full-on filets, and brownie-sundaes with your points. 

Any other 'just senior' things we missed? Let us know on Instagram @hercampusuconn