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The end of Thanksgiving marks the start of the winter holiday season, and UConn wasted no time trying to get into the holiday spirit in its own way by putting up decorations all over the campus. From Christmas trees to paper snowflakes, the UConn staff has been made to look just as eager for the holidays as the students are.

As you drive onto campus, you can see the trees near mirror lake covered in beautiful white lights. 

Walk a little bit further and you can see the rest of the campus lit up.  Whether you are walking around Storrs Center…

Or through the lounges of the Student Union… 

Whether you are on your way past the Co-op…

Or grabbing a bite to eat in the dining halls…

(Taken at south dining hall)

Or even as you walk along the streets of UConn during the day…

you can be sure to find plenty of holiday spirit wherever you find yourself at UConn.

Jonathan the Husky surrounded by lights near Gampel

Happy holidays collegiettes and good luck on your finals!

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