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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

It’s that time of the year again, everyone’s favorite (or least favorite?) – class enrollment. As a junior majoring in Communications, the curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has allowed me to explore a wide variety of courses so far. Speaking from personal experience, here are some course suggestions to keep in mind as you select classes for the upcoming spring semester.

COMM 3000Q

If you need to get a Q course out of the way, this one was a basic level of statistics and focused on research methods in the communication field. There is one big group project throughout the semester and the exams are straightforward. 

HDFS 2300

For those who are interested in psychology, being social workers, or simply learning more about people, this class is about family interaction processes through times such as divorce, death, etc. The class was a lot of videos and material was realistic and applicable. 


For the non-lab science requirement, this class is ideal. Although it wasn’t easy at all times because it is a lot of scientific terminology, the material was interesting because we learned about the science of food. Overall, I got a better understanding of how our digestive system works and how to live a healthier lifestyle with food choices. 

SOCI 1001W

All UConn students have to take two writing intensive (W) classes. Along with the main writing assignment, this sociology class was discussion based, focusing on a variety of topics such as race, gender/sexuality, white privilege, etc. The class got me thinking about controversial issues and offered a new perspective to consider. 

LING 1010

Being honest, this class is not the most exciting one. However, the material is very easy to understand and it meets a gen-ed requirement. An added bonus is that the professor does not use a textbook which is a huge life saver, as we all know how expensive books can be. 

URBAN 2000

This class focuses on the development of major cities in the United States. It was an interesting topic, we watched lots of movies in class, and our grade was mainly based off of a group project, rather than exams. 

While picking your classes, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you check the reviews of your professors on Rate My Professors before enrolling in the class. Also, have back ups in case certain classes are already at max capacity. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor prior to your pick time for guidance and to make sure you are on the right track. And lastly, make sure you are in an area with strong WiFi because the last thing you want is for the website to crash right before you click the button to enroll. Good luck with enrolling! 

Caroline is a Senior at UConn majoring in Communications with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies. She is interested in working with social media management, Marketing and Public Relations. In her free time you could find her binge-watching her favorite shows, spending time with friends, and making Spotify playlists.