TV Moments That Made Us Sob

If you're as invested in television as I am, you probably have a fair number of TV shows that you regularly keep up with. Now TV is great, but it can also be not so great, especially when it makes us cry our eyes out, like, seriously ugly crying. Now even if these moments hurt like hell, they are almost always worth watching. Here is a list of the top moments from a wide range of TV shows that make us cry every time.

FAIR WARNING: Spoilers below, read at your own risk.

Parks and Rec

We’ll start with some happy tears. Anytime anybody got married on Parks and Rec was so worth my mascara running.

Leslie Knope for the WIN!



When Rachel gets off the plane. Ugh, such a happy moment.

Honorable Mention: When Monica and Chandler propose to each other because good lord, who didn’t happy cry for those two?

Monica and Chandler were the underrated couple in Friends.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Now we've moved on to the sadder moments and I am forcing you all to recall this heart crushing scene...

When Will has to ask Uncle Phil why his dad doesn’t love him.



When Fry’s dog waits outside the pizza place for him every day…




Gone too soon, we lost Cory Monteith, our beloved quarterback, Finn Hudson.


Boy Meets World

The last episode where Mr. Feeny dismisses class for the very last time.

Do you really think I could leave out the dearly beloved, Mr. Feeny?


Grey’s Anatomy

Yeah, I had to do it. We all knew this was coming. Shonda doing us dirty is par for the course now. RIP to both Lexie Grey and Mark Sloane. They were meant to be. I’m still not over it.

The way Mark holds her hand at the end and when he tells her he loves her....oh my god, I need a tissue. *cries*

And of course we can’t forget McDreamy. Derek Shepard was the great love of Meredith’s life. He was the great love of all of our lives, tbh, and he will be missed.


The Office

When Michael Scott leaves Dunder Mifflin. He was the boss we all loved to hate. He was great in his own quirky way and man, it was surprisingly emotional saying goodbye to him.

This is a happy one... almost every moment of Jim and Pam’s relationship. Special consideration goes to this moment...


Orange Is the New Black

When Poussey died and we all collectively couldn't believe it.




Once Upon a Time

When Emma has to watch Killian die to save everyone, knowing that he made the choice to die to save her, the woman he loves. I cannot even speak to the ways this scene emotionally massacres me.

When we lost Robin Hood. I’m still angry about this one. He died a hero’s death, sacrificing himself to save Regina. He was a great man with a young son and a bright future ahead of him. It was NOT his time to go.


Gilmore Girls

This is another happy one. The moment at graduation when Rory thanked Lorelai for being the best mom ever and we all bawled wishing we had a relationship like these two.

One Tree Hill

When Jimmy brings a gun to school and kills himself, but Keith dies too…



The very last episode when JD watches his life as a montage.


Breaking Bad

When James keeps calling Jane after her death, just to get the voicemail and hear her voice one last time.

Then the phone was disconnected and it meant Jane was gone for good...  that hurt.


Jane the Virgin

Michael Cordero Jr. What a guy. Whether you were #TeamRafael or #TeamMichael, it was impossible to deny how great Michael and Jane were together. The fact that he seemingly recovered from the gunshot wound only to succumb to his injuries weeks later was truly devastating.


This is Us

Oh yeah, there was no way this show wasn’t going on the list. Rather than name one moment we’ll just leave it here and pretend that we don’t cry at least three times (or more) per episode.

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