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Trying to Connect to Wi-Fi at UConn as told by Zac Efron

Ah, UConn, home to one of the best women’s basketball team in the nation, possibly the most delicious ice cream in the world, beautiful scenery and…terrible Wi-Fi.  Here are some of the hardships we all deal with on a daily basis trying to connect to the Wi-Fi at UConn as told by Zac Efron (because everything is better told by Zac Efron).  


Right when you’re almost finished with an assignment or worse, have already clicked the Submit button on HuskyCT, you notice the page is taking longer than usual to load which can only mean one thing…

When you finally pick up the connection again and UConnSecure decides not to recognize your device (as if you haven’t been connecting to this Wi-Fi network every day since you started at UConn).  What even is the username and password, again?!

And it will never make sense how it can be working perfectly for the people sitting on either side of you in lecture while you can’t even manage to get onto the guest Wi-Fi.

It feels like a victory worth celebrating when you are able to connect while walking around campus.  But usually you’re better off not even trying until stationed somewhere.

None of us can begin to explain why we’re sometimes unable to connect in places like the Student Union where it should be working perfectly.

You triumphantly proclaim yourself a technology genius when the strategy of turning your Wi-Fi on and off a bunch of times actually works.


But usually it doesn’t.

Despite it being a known fact that the Wi-Fi at UConn is extremely unreliable, no professor will ever consider “I was not able to get online” to be a legitimate excuse for not having an assignment submitted on time.

UConn, we love you, but c’mon; can’t we do better than this?


Especially since we’re all paying a lot of money to be here.

After a long day of battling with the UConn Wi-Fi, at least it’s reassuring to know that since it’s so unpredictable, it could very well be working perfectly tomorrow.



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