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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

By now we have all been suffering from spring fever for at least the last month. While Mother Nature has been slightly off her game this year, we are all aware of the difficulty of dressing for the weather during the weeks of seasonal transition between winter and spring. How do you properly prepare for a full day out and about on campus when the weather can change thirty degrees in only a few short hours? One word: layers. I know everyone is itching to pull out their favorite spring outfits, and there is no reason you can’t start wearing them now with just a few extra staple pieces until the weather warms up permanently!

Pictured:  Katherine Dinisi models a loose, knit sweater over a white crop top, high-waisted jeans, and riding boots.

Light sweaters and jackets will be your best friend, keeping you warm in the morning and evening, and easily removed when it heats up mid-day. Loosely knit sweaters like the one shown here are extremely popular this spring, as they are the perfect weight for such drastically changing temperatures. Throw one over a cute crop top and high-waisted jeans or capris, and you have the perfect outfit for a full day around campus.

Pictured: Linsey Glines models colorful skinny jeans, a sheer, white blouse with gold accessories, and canvas sneakers.

Being able to add spring flair to your outfit without being too warm or cold is important, and can easily be achieved with a pop of color! It’s the perfect time of year to wear your favorite pairs of pastel colored skinny jeans to lighten up even the rainiest of spring days. Pair them with a sheer blouse or just a plain V-neck and a floral scarf and you have a perfect outfit with little effort! As for shoes, ladies, there is no more snow on the ground so strut your stuff in your boat shoes, canvas sneakers, or flats of your choosing. With that being said there is no reason you can’t still wear riding boots until it gets toastier. Fair warning though, it is transition weather so rain is forecasted often and at any time; be prepared with a cute pair of rain boots.

Kim is a freshman at the University of Connecticut in the Honors Program. She is originally from Aurora, Illinois (yay for out-of-state students!), and she is planning to double major in History and English with aspirations of law school. Her dream job would be working as a criminal prosecutor in Washington D.C. Volleyball is her life, even though she doesn't get to play nearly as much as she used to, and she tries to stay involved through her sorority and Greek Life. When she is not studying her brains out, fashion and working out are some of her favorite hobbies. This is Kim in a nut shell just a girl with honest opinions and big dreams.