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Treat Yourself: Here are 8 FREE Self-Care Methods

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” – Audrey Lorde

How often do you find yourself getting lost in the shuffle of every day life? In an effort to get things done, we generally go throughout our day simply checking off the tasks we need to get done for school and/or work. What about the tasks we need to get done for ourselves?

Self-care, or simply taking time to be good to yourself, is so important. Making it a regular practice can yield so many benefits – from enhanced self-esteem and improved stress management to stronger focus and renewed energy.

There are many ways that self-care can be practiced. Below are some of my favorite methods that do not cost any money.

1. Keep track of all of your accomplishments.

We all do so many amazing things throughout any given year, throughout any given day. So why not keep track of those amazing things so that we can look back at them whenever we feel like it. It does not matter how “big” or “small” the accomplishment is. It could be that you treated yourself to an ice cream Sunday instead of holding yourself back from it or you got accepted into the medical school you have been dreaming of going to since you were ten years old. As long as you see it as a success, it deserves to be written down. 

2. Tap into your childlike wonder.

When we were children, anything and everything would amaze us. We were naive and full of wonder. Just because we are older now, does not mean we no longer have that. Take some time to tap into that childlike wonder and think about the questions you may have about the “simples” things in life or reflect on what you find wonderful. 

3. Write affirmations. 

Yes, you. Don’t forget it. Talking about the positive characteristics about ourselves can be challenging. We may feel strange complimenting ourselves. However, it is so important that we nt only recognize the great qualities that we have but believe them. 

4. Learn to say no. 


Many of us love to help people and socialize. It’s fun and it gets our mind off of other responsibilities. As a result, we tend to say yes to almost everything. Do you want to go out tonight? Yes (even thought I really just want to be curled up in bed watching Netflix). Can you do this for me? Yes (even though I have some pressing things that I need to get done). We should practice saying no to some things, especially when we really can not do it or would prefer not to. By doing so, we re assertive and taking ownership of our decisions. 


5. Get moving. 

This does not necessarily mean we have to exercise or go to the gym 24/7. This just means that we should move our bodies for a little bit of time each day – dance, walk, clean, whatever form of movement that feels best for you. When we do this, we release endorphins: hormones in our bodies that reduces stress and makes us feel good. 

6. Meditate.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Taking a little bit of time, even just two minutes a day, to meditate can really change our mindset. Whether it is in the morning or at night, it gives us the opportunity to tune in with our body and how we are feeling without any distractions. Be present but let your mind drift. 

7. Journal.

Take some time to let your stream of consciousness flow from your mind to your paper. Sometimes talking about our day or how we are feeling can be challenging. Journaling allows us to release those emotions without being nervous about how it will be received. When we journal, no one has to know about it besides us. 

8. Laugh. 


Let out a good laugh. Whether it is because you thought of something funny, someone said something funny, you’re watching something funny or just because, let out that good ol’ laugh. Bonus: it helps reduce stress levels. 


Don’t forget that self-care is the best care!   

Jamiah is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying Journalism and Sociology. In addition to Her Campus, Jamiah is a Resident Assistant and instructor at UConn Recreation. Off campus, Jamiah is a Senior Mentor and Website Forum Manager for Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Group as well as an Ambassador Manager and Outreach Strategy Intern with PINC International.
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