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Top Ten Most Lit Halloween Movies

I don’t know about you, but for us, Halloween isn’t just a day. Halloween isn’t even just a month. Halloween is a mindset and as soon as October rolls around there’s so many activities that suddenly become super acceptable – like apple picking, going on haunted hay rides, carving jack-o-lanterns and more. In our humble opinion, the absolute best thing to do to get into the Halloween spirit is to kick back with your friends and watch Halloween movies. Whether you’re into comedies or down for a really scary flick, we got you covered with a ranking of the best movies to watch this October.


#10. The Addams Family

If you’re still stuck in summer, this movie will totally help you get into the Halloween spirit. The creepy antics this family gets into will have you wanting to whip out your black lipstick and channel hardcore Morticia vibes.

#9. Casper the Friendly Ghost 

How could you go wrong with this classic childhood movie? You cannot watch Casper and be in a bad mood.  Pair this with a cozy blanket and some good friends and you’ll have yourself a festive night.

#8. Chucky (Child’s Play)

Okay, now we’re getting into the serious stuff. Not only is Chucky super creepy but you can pull inspiration for Halloween costumes from Chucky’s doll outfit! 

#7. The Conjuring 

Arguably our favorite horror movie, The Conjuring will not fail you if you want to be scared. Our only advice would be to watch with friends (possibly a special friend for hand-holding purposes) and leave a light on.

#6. Halloween

Another scary movie we know, but this one is all in the title. 

#5. Scream

There’s absolutely no way you can go through a Halloween season and not watch Scream. If you get scared easily this is a good one to watch because you can just watch Scary Movie (a comedy, ironically) afterwards to ease your nerves.

#4. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

If you don’t watch Charlie Brown holiday specials, who even are you? This is also a really cute movie to watch with your family (especially younger siblings/cousins) as some family bonding time.

#3. Twitches 

The only thing better than when Tia, Tamera, and Disney Channel collaborate is when they do it in the form of a dope Halloween movie. DCOMs are, in my opinion, the BEST Halloween movies so I suggest watching this and our top two choices all in one sitting, coupled with lots of popcorn and company.

#2. Halloweentown

This movie will give you all the Halloween feels. The spooky creatures of Halloweentown will make all your Halloween dreams come true and Marnie and her ragtag crew of witches and warlocks will inspire you to crush whatever evils are lurking around UConn – whether they be midterms or clowns.

#1. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is the GOAT of Halloween movies. We sheepishly have to admit that we watch this movie mid-summer sometimes just because we can’t wait a whole twelve months in between. The adventures of Max, Allison, Dani and their trusty black cat will transport you to a world of mystical witchcraft, not to mention the comedic relief of the dysfunctional Sanderson sisters. This movie will have you wishing Halloween was an everyday experience.



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