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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Fall is here again, and that means it is time for hoodies, boots and pumpkin spice lattes. However, this is also the chance to grab a fresh pair of sneakers to finesse in. Now there is nothing wrong with the classic Adidas Superstars in black and white and the all white, low top Converse, but there is such an array of sneakers to love, so why just stick to only two? This is for my sporty girls, my tomboys and my girls seeking comfort. There is more than just knee high equestrian boots and converse to wear in the fall.  In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite shoes for the fall:

1. Adidas Swift Runs

One of the latest models to come from Adidas are the Adidas Swift Runs. At only $85, these are one the most comfortable on the list and one of the most affordable. They come in array of colors, including this fall olive color pictured below. The shoes are made of knit upper, so it feels like you’re only wearing a sock on your foot. When walking around any college campus comfort is a must, so the Swift Runs will become your new best friend. Go ahead. Love them. I dare you. 

  2.  Vans Old Skool

 Classic, simple and just a little edgy, Vans Old Skools are never a disappointment. They have every color you can imagine, but for the fall, the classic black upper and white midsole are good for any fall outfit.  Priced at $60, Vans are cheap and look good. That sounds like a win-win. Even take it back to your middle school days and write a little saying on the midsole to make your vans stand out from the crowd. 

 3.Adidas Ultra Boosts

Ultra Boosts feel like you’re walking on a cloud. With Adidas’ primeknit upper and their boost material on the midsole of the shoe, the ultra boost is one of the hottest sneakers to have in your collection. Pictured below are the Ultra Boost 1.0 in triple white. Scared of white shoes? Ultra Boost come in black, grey and other colors. Priced at $180, these are the most expensive on the list. These are more for the experienced sneakerhead who has spent much more (guilty as charged).  Though pricey, these are a great running shoe as well as casual sneak and you’ll find them going with just about everything you wear (including the leggings you wear 5 out of the 7 days of the week). 

4.  Nike Air Force 1

A timeless silhouette that looks good on almost anyone, the Air Force 1 can’t be beat.  There’s even a song written about them. The all leather shoe is good for crisp fall mornings and warm afternoons without making your feet too hot.  Air Force Ones come in so many colors it will make your head spin. My fall time favorite the is the NikeLab Air Force one in the colorway “Vachetta Tan” pictured below. This particular colorway is set at $150, but other colors are priced normally at $90.

5. Nike Sock Dart

Half slipper, half sneaker, the Nike Sock Dart knocks it out the park with comfort. Best part about the shoe? There are no laces. All you do is snap the button into the webbing and you’re good to go. Kind of like the Skechers light ‘em ups you had as a kid: convenient and fly.  This sneaker is priced from $80 to $140 depending on the color you want. 

Venture into the sneaker world, and you’ll find there is an array of colors, shoes and experiences to choose from. Your wallet might take a hit, however, sneakers are a great shoe for the fall when you want to put away boot and booties and stand out a little from the crowd.  

*All pictures used in this article are courtesy of Ileana Morales*