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Fall has come quickly and as the temperature drops, so does our motivation to get out of the warm safety of our beds and go to class and get our work done. Here is a list of songs that will help make the hours in the library or long walks to class seem a little shorter and encourage you to welcome the cool weather with a little more comfort and enjoyment. So bundle up, enjoy some hot cider, tea, or coffee (whichever kind of person you may be) and hit play. 

1. “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

 This song is romantic and takes you back in time with a little bit of a blues feel.  Leon Bridges has a feel-good tone to his voice that sets the mood for Fall and cuddling up close to someone that can keep you warm.  

2. “Magnets” by Disclosure ft. Lorde

This is an amazing new song that blends the incredibly talented voice of Lorde with Disclosure’s perfect techno touch they seem to be able to add to every song. This song is a bit more up beat and would be a good choice to listen to on those cold mornings when you may be struggling to start your day.

3. “Colour” by Wild Cub ft. Jessie Baylin

 This song has a laid back feel that’s perfect for a lazy Fall afternoon, curled up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a book (or some homework). 

4. “Let it Fall” by Lykke Li

The title of this song says it, Fall is here. Whether you’re someone who is excited or sad about the upcoming winter, listening to this song will make it difficult not to feel a little happiness. 

5 & 6.  “Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf   &   “Fall In Love” by Phantogram

These two songs are perfect for the time of night when you have to build up the energy and motivation to start showering and getting ready for a night out. They aren’t over eager and encourage a slow start, but that still counts, so get up and start moving for a great Fall night to remember. 

7.  “You Know What I Mean” by Cults

 This song has a similar feel to Leon Bridges’ work, but it’s a little darker. There is a slow appeal to it that, on those dark Fall mornings, is just the kind of mood that needs to be embraced. 

8.  “Flashed Junk Mind” by Milky Chance

Milky Chance is a German artist that has taken off in the last year. All of his music has the perfect Fall appeal with beautiful lyrics and a unique voice.  If you listen to this song in the morning you’ll probably find yourself humming it throughout the rest of the day. 

9.  “Cherry Wine” by Hozier

Hozier is another artist that has taken off this past year. His voice is strong and his lyrics pull on everyone’s heartstrings. This song is perfect for a nice night in with a loved one and a glass of wine to keep you warm as you fall in love with Fall. 

10.  “Mess is Mine” by Vance Joy

This is another great song for the romantic side of the cold weather, but without being too lovey-dovey (we know that isn’t for everyone).  “Mess is Mine” has an uplifting feel to it and sends positive vibes to push you through a day that seems like it will never end. 

11.  “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber

The final song of this playlist is the very popular Bieber hit. There was a ton of hype leading up to the release of this song and it was well received by everyone when it finally came out. This radio hit may not be in sync with many songs on this playlist, but there are always those few songs that remind you of a certain year, and this one is definitely on the top of that list for the Fall of 2015. 

Bonus Tracks:

12 & 13.  “Gooey” by Glass Animals   &    “One Time” by Marian Hill

If you’re having an extra long day, here are a few more songs to add so the music doesn’t stop until you do. Both of these songs  have an edgier appeal. Glass Animals are starting to gain popularity with their extremely individualistic sound.  Marian Hill also has a unique voice that brings character to her music.   

Enjoy the journey through this playlist and let yourself get lost in the many sounds of Fall. 


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