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Some of my favorite videos of all time come from TikTok! It’s such an easy-to-use platform and honestly brings a smile to my face every single day. The way that you can connect with different groups of people and find people who have the same hobbies as you is super cool. Personally, finding out that there are people who grew up watching the same TV shows as me is crazy! ( PBS Kids LOL)  So, here’s my list of some of my favorite Tiktokers right now. Honestly, there are so many creators on the app that I truly believe that you can find people who relate to you!

@avan.jogia  Avan Jogia, or better known as Beck Oliver, from the hit television show Victorious! He recently started posting on TikTok and has been making super relatable content. Personally, growing up and seeing a brown person taking the spotlight on a TV has always shown me that I too can do anything! He has been connecting with his followers but also his culture. In his latest video, he was speaking in Gujarati, a language native to the Indian state of Gujarat. He then went on to show off different cultural pieces that he has worn to different events. The comments were filled with lots of joy and creating connections with his desi followers! 

@seethemedlife  As a pre-med student, this is one of my favorite accounts to follow on TikTok!You are placed into emergency room situations and you are given two choices to go about treating your patient. It is a thrilling experience because you have 60 seconds to understand everything that he is saying to you and you have to make a choice. Once you make your choice he then goes on to explain why one of the reasons was correct. It’s interesting to learn about different medical procedures but also how doctors would handle them in real life. I believe that all pre-med students should follow this account, especially if they want to specialize in emergency medicine!

@spencewuah  If you love hearing about people’s experiences and hearing people rant, then this is the account for you! Spencer is such a fun person to watch and I think that his personality is the reason why he blew up. I watched him grow from a hundred thousand followers to now over 6 million followers! One of my favorite segments from him is his “day scream.” This is usually a video of him screaming about something good or bad. He talks to the camera as if he is talking to his best friend and I think that’s a connection that very few creators have on this app. His content is something I really enjoy and it’s super relatable!!

@djlemay2  If you LOVE cakes then this is the account for YOU… I love watching food videos! Anything that has to do with making food, recipes, or even just styling food is honestly mesmerizing. He creates ice cream cakes and talks about different topics in every video. He could be talking about his sister, his day at work, or trending topics. I love the fact that he also shows us how he makes the ice cream cakes because I never knew how to make them until I started following him and watching. I highly recommend watching his videos because they’re super therapeutic!! 

@nabela  As a brown Muslim American, having a role model is something I felt like I would never find until I stumbled upon Nabela Noor! She is a Bangladeshi Muslim American and does daily vlogs, usually on her TikTok, about her life. She became popular during quarantine because of her aesthetic but also her motivation to have a structured lifestyle, and I think that is something we are all struggling with as we are all at home. But Nabela does a good job of showcasing that you will have good and bad days and you just need to keep fighting and making goals for yourself. Plus, her overall aesthetic is super CUTE!! Her house is SOOO pretty and you should watch her YouTube videos to see more of her house!!! 

@starbucksrecipeswithm I LOVE LOVE LOVE STARBUCKS! ( plz sponsor me ) Whenever I see a barista on Tik Tok I know I need to take notes. This account is solely dedicated to making custom drinks but also just talking about different ways you can make your favorite Starbucks drinks at home. Personally, I think Starbucks is better than Dunkin’, but we can argue about that later (LOL). I think that it’s super cool to see a barista’s point of view on making drinks, and I think that Tik Tok has given baristas the platform to experiment and showcase their favorite drinks. There is so many Starbucks baristas that I follow on Tik Tok but this account is my favorite!!!

@jennie.weenie  SHE IS MY FAVORITE TIKTOKER OF ALL TIME!!! If you don’t know who Jennie is then you are missing out! She is a flight attendant and talks about her experiences becoming a flight attendant but also working onboard a plane. As someone who really loves traveling, I completely empathize with flight attendants because they really do see it all!! One of my favorite videos from her is when she was a little girl she told the flight attendant working on board that she wanted to become one too. The flight attendant then upgraded their seats and gave baby Jennie some souvenirs from the flight. That small act of kindness really motivated her to want to become a flight attendant (it really is the little things in life that matter)! She is super fun to watch and I even have my post notifications on for her!

If you haven’t downloaded TikTok yet, take this as your sign to download it today :)

Currently, an English Major on the pre-law track! I'm passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures, but also expressing my own roots and lifestyle! I'm also a first-generation student who does all she can to make an impact in her community!