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This Fall Playlist Will Make Your Life Feel Like A Rom-Com

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The semester workload is picking up and I pulled a sweater out of my closet last night — this can only mean one thing. Fall is here! And a new season calls for a new playlist. Autumn is for cozy drinks, pumpkin picking, crushing a little too hard on the person across the lecture hall, and pretending your walk across campus is part of a movie montage. Embrace it all with this list of songs, designed to bring the magic of a romantic comedy to your everyday life.

“Kiss me” by sixpence none the richer

This song is soft, sweet, and oh-so-lovely. It’s the perfect background music for the moment you realize that you’re actually in love with your long-time best friend, who happens to feel the same way about you.

“where you lead” by carole king

You can’t have fall without the Gilmores, and this is their song. Follow Lorelai and Rory’s lead by falling hopelessly in love with men of varying levels of maturity. There may be drama, but do it for the plot.

“Cigarette daydreams” by cage the elephant

This song has a touch of mystery. It calls for introspection. Play it as you stare longingly out the window on a stormy fall night, perhaps torn between two equally attractive but completely different love interests.

“Valerie” by amy winehouse

Moody and passionate, this is the tune that’ll play during a grand gesture of love that follows a huge fight. Get ready for roses.

“put your records on” by corinne bailey rae

This song is for dancing in an old-fashioned diner with your crush. Obviously.

“I think i met you in a dream” by coin

Every rom-com needs a good dream scene, where the main character thinks she’s finally in love and then is brutally awakened back to her sad reality. This is the background music for yours.

“do you believe in magic?” by the lovin’ spoonful

Hopeful and upbeat, this tune will play during a bouncy montage of early-relationship glee.

“vienna” by billy joel

That honeymoon can’t wait forever. This song will come after a minor conflict that to you, seems like the end of the world.

“she’s so high” by tal bachman

At some point, someone will admire you from afar, and you’ll have no idea. This’ll be the song that’s playing.

“Dreams” by the cranberries

The perfect way to end a rom-com. I can see the credits rolling now.

Your fall rom-com playlist:

Enjoy these and the other rom-com-worthy songs on the list as you embrace this lovely season.

Amanda McCard is a junior at UConn majoring in environmental studies and journalism. She writes a range of articles for Her Campus, including ones about culture, entertainment and travel. She is a Sustainability Intern at the UConn Office of Sustainability, where she helps write the monthly newsletter and creates engaging social media content. She has written articles for Planet Forward, an environmental publication based out of George Washington University. Amanda loves hiking, creative writing and yoga. She likes to make her own bath products and dreams of learning to scuba dive.