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These Quotes From Co-Star Will Change Your Mindset

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

For those of you who do not know, Co-Star is an astrology app that sources information from NASA to give its audience interpretations of their horoscope. By working with astrologers, Co-Star shares observations about your life and relationships with others. I’m a fan of Co-Star because I enjoy reading my daily updates — they are personalized to my specific natal chart. Whenever a quote sticks out to me from my daily update, I save it. Whether you believe in astrology or not, Co-Star without a doubt gives insightful advice that everyone can benefit from. 

“avoid energy vampires”

An energy vampire can be described as someone who intentionally or unintentionally drains your emotional energy. Who you pour your energy into should be appreciative and reciprocated! Sometimes it can be hard to notice who is draining your energy but once you realize you can make better decisions on who to spend time with. These energy vampires can be found in any relationship you have. Healthline explains that energy vampires are people who don’t take accountability, are involved in drama, and use guilt trips or ultimatums to get what they want. Setting boundaries and distancing yourself from energy vampires can be a healthy way to maintain your emotional energy. Spending too much time with people that drain your energy is not beneficial for anyone’s mental health. Examining relationships that you have can make them better, so don’t be afraid to take a step back and examine relationships in your life.

“It’s better to be alone to be with someone that hurts you”

This one might seem obvious but it’s true. Oftentimes we cling to people just because we fear being by ourselves. This quote by Co-Star reminds me of something Emma Chamberlain said in her podcast, Anything Goes. Emma shares that “Spending time alone is similar to getting adjusted to running… the first few months when you start running it is brutal. It is painful, it is uncomfortable. It is awful. You hate and you never want to do it again. But then one day it clicks and you fall in love, near like wow, I love this.” Miss Emma grew up as an only child and makes content for social media alone. She has several videos sharing her solo travels. Doing things alone can seem boring but growing up means spending time being alone. Friendships, romantic relationships, coworkers and maybe even family members come in and out of your lives. Everyone is on different paths and focusing on your own is essential to being independent. 

“Don’t worry about impressing anyone else. Challenge yourself to be the person you want to become”

It is hard to not compare yourself to others, especially in college. People are constantly sharing on social media. Watching someone’s social media of their perfect life or their Linkedin of their incredible job/internship can cause us to be envious of what they have. Not to be blunt, but there are always going to be people that have more. Deciding to be the richest or wealthiest person in the world could be motivating but unrealistic at the end of the day. Being in competition with yourself is the healthiest attitude to have. You do not know if someone’s social media presence is fake or if they are unhappy in their picture-perfect career. Challenging yourself to be the person you want to become focuses all the energy on yourself. There have been plenty of times when I see a friend’s Instagram of what looks like a great time when in reality, they told me in private that their emotions didn’t actually align with what it looks like in the picture. This is not to say that everyone is miserable just that you do not know the whole picture and it would be unfair to compare yourself to a situation where you do not know the whole story.

“Exercise patience, give things time, and the situation will calm”

Be patient with yourself! I myself am guilty of expecting things to happen right away. Whether this is experiences, knowing something, or the solution to a problem, I constantly crave instant gratification. Take time to let whatever is around you to settle if the situation is out of your control. Whatever experience or journey that you are meant to go on will happen for you. If something doesn’t work in your favor, it was simply not meant to be.

“You don’t have to punish yourself for being all over the place, but you do have to be intentional about it”

As college students, we have a lot on our plates. Balancing everything around us can seem impossible at times. Planning classes and our futures is stressful! I like to reread this quote when I am stressed with life and feel like my mind is running at a million miles per hour. This quote is a reminder that it’s okay to feel all over the place, it’s natural. However, you have to keep in mind that it’s what you do next that is important. Instead of shutting down and giving up you can make a list of your tasks. Organizing your thoughts can help put your mind at ease and figure out your priorities. Living intentionally means that you are aware of your experiences and being present. Practicing being intentional may be different for everyone depending on the circumstances. There are many tips for living intentionally that are helpful when you feel overwhelmed. Such tips include taking time for self-care.

Some fun astrology feed by Co-Star

Although these quotes from Co-Star were for specific days, I find them useful whenever I need some motivation! Regardless of your zodiac sign, these quotes can relate to different aspects of our lives. Hopefully, these insights resonate with you and inspired you to shift into a more positive mindset.

Emily is the Facebook Chair of Her Campus UConn. Emily is a junior at the University of Connecticut, majoring in Communication. She enjoys writing for entertainment about fashion and lifestyle. Additionally, she loves to give advice on topics such as career and self-love. Emily has had multiple internships related to marketing and social media. She has interned for a vegan pizza company, a NYC fashion show, and her latest internship at LKPR where she dove into public relations related to toy companies. When Emily is not writing articles she might be listening to the Lumineers, grabbing a pumpkin cream cold brew, or thrifting.