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The Pogues Are Back: Season 3 Of Netflix’s Hit Show ‘Outer Banks’ Out Now!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

We all remember where we were when the first season of Outer Banks came out. If you were like me, you were mostly like in bed surfing Netflix and looking for something new to watch. Outer Banks was a show that helped us get through one of the hardest parts of the pandemic. The third and most recent season of the show premiered on February 23, 2023, and I’m going to dive deep into all the drama and plot points. Also, there’s going to be lots of spoilers ahead!

Main Plot

The last time we saw the Pogues, they were diving into the ocean in hopes of evading Ward Cameron and saving the cross. In Season Three, we quickly find out that the Pogues survived and were stranded on a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean for a month, which they lovingly named “Poguelandia.”

They are soon “rescued” and returned to Barbados, where they evade a kidnapping from a major drug lord named Carlos Singh. Kiara ends up being the sole Pogue to be kidnapped, and the crew acts fast to save her. Singh reveals his intentions with the Pogues to Kiera and Rafe Cameron, who he also ended up kidnapping. Singh needs their help finding the source of the gold on the Royal Merchant, which is El Dorado or the “lost city of gold.”

After finding out the truth about El Dorado, Kiara and Rafe escape and eventually make it to Rafe’s boat. It’s here that Kiera turns against Rafe, stealing his boat, and makes her way to her friends so that they alone could make it back to the Outer Banks safely. Along the way, John B separates from the group and finds out that his father, Big John, is alive and well. The crew separately makes it back to the Outer Banks, and the race to El Dorado begins.

Budding romances

Sparks are flying throughout “Poguelandia.” The long-awaited Jiara (JJ and Kiara) finally makes an appearance, and Cleope (Cleo and Pope), which fans have been speculating about since Season Two, emerges as well. John B and Sarah Cameron remain “happily married,” though a curveball the size of a particular Kook named Topper was thrown their way once again. The “No Pogue on Pogue macking” rule was ignored this season.

Tensions first grew between Kiara and JJ when the Pogues were making their return back to the Outer Banks and the two were seemingly about to kiss when they were interrupted by Pope, who had a fling with Kie before she ultimately ended it in Season Two. Tensions continue between the pair until JJ makes a grand proclamation of love after Kiara’s parents send her to a wildness camp because of her behavior throughout this season.

Pope and Cleo have quite a different story. After the Pogues return from Barbados, Cleo ends up moving in with the Haywards since she has nowhere to go. It’s through the pair spending time together and Cleo helping him through the loss of his family’s fortune and with the discovery of El Dorado that they end up together.

The ending

The Pogues, despite all odds, make it to Tres Rojas, Venezuela, where El Dorado is reportedly located. It’s here that the Pogue’s plans are thwarted by Carlos Singh and his henchman once again. Singh had kidnapped Big John in hopes of finding El Dorado and translating the gnomon. John B finds and saves his father from Singh. It’s here that John B, Sarah, and Big John’s journey into the jungle toward El Dorado begins.

The three soon found themselves in a cave, where El Dorado may be located. John B and Sarah dive deep into the cave water in hopes of finding the gold. They make their way through the darkness and ultimately find the gold. After filling their backpacks, the two return to the surface, where they once again met with Carlos Singh. The three defeat Singh and are met by Ward Cameron, who is another character who seems to always be popping up! Ward attempts to kill John B and Big John but is stopped when the other Pogues and Singh’s henchman arrive. Ward ends up dying after saving Sarah from Singh’s men.

The Pogues then quickly set out on their journey home, and Big John succumbs to injuries he sustained during one of their confrontations on the way. The crew holds funerals while still in the jungle for the deceased parents. The Pogues ultimately return to the Outer Banks, and we see them 18 months later when they are honored for finding the El Dorado gold. At the ceremony, the Pogues are presented with a new mystery, one surrounding Blackbeard. This seems to be the new mystery for Season Four, which Netflix has already announced!

next steps

There’s not much to be said about Season Four so far. However, we know a majority of the cast, specifically the Pogues, will be returning. In regards to a plot, here’s what we know so far. The mystery for the next season is going to revolve around the pirate Blackbeard and his secret treasure. It’s also going to focus on the Pogue as adults instead of teenagers, due to the 18-month time jump. There hasn’t been any news on when filming is going to begin or when the season is going to be released. Regardless, I already know I will be tuning in no matter what. Will you?

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