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The Perfect Bucket List For Your Last Semester At UConn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

It’s March. We’ve hit the halfway point of the semester and now graduation is just under two months away. Seniors, are you freaking out yet? I know I am. I can feel that first weekend in May creeping up on us and I don’t know how to cope with the fact that soon, I’ll be walking across the stage and leaving UConn behind. It can be hard to let go of somewhere that’s been a part of you for so long and to accept that soon, your time here will be over. 

That’s where a bucket list comes in; this kind of list gives you something tangible to focus on as the days slip away so that you can remember all the good times you had at UConn and create even more amazing memories in your remaining time here. I’ve always loved the idea of a bucket list, or a compilation of things you absolutely have to get done by the time a certain period of time comes to an end (whether that’s life, or just one semester). When I was a kid, I was the one creating a summer bucket list for me and my friends to make sure we could maximize every second of our time off from school. Now that I’m graduating college, my focus has turned to taking advantage of my last weeks at the amazing school where I’ve spent the last four years of my life. 

Spring semester brings warmer weather (eventually) and tons of exciting activities to do on the UConn Storrs campus before graduation. It’s time to take advantage of your final spring semester here and make it one you’ll never forget. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but hopefully you can still soak everything in every moment while accomplishing this list of things you definitely need to do during your last semester at UConn!

1) Make sure you’ve tried all the dining halls

Is it cheesy? Yes, definitely. Is it necessary? Also yes! UConn has seven dining halls and you can’t leave without having experienced each of them at least once. It’s time to call up all your underclassmen besties to steal a flex pass and get into any of the dining halls you might not have had a chance to try yet. 

2) Eat as much Dairy Bar ice cream as possible

One of the best parts of being on a college campus with so many cows is the incredible ice cream. Make sure to eat as much of it as you can while you still live within walking distance of one of the best ice cream places in Connecticut! Get your fill of your favorite flavor, and make sure to try this semester’s Senior Scoop once it hits Dairy Bar freezers.

3) Go out with all your friends who are graduating

Blast your favorite hype music, pick out a cute outfit (maybe your favorite tiny top), and start doing your makeup; you’re going out! Gather up all your fellow graduating friends and head over to Ted’s, Huskies, or whatever your local bar of choice is. Let’s be real: who knows if you’ll ever come back to these bars once you leave UConn, so make sure you have one (or more!) last amazing night out before you go.

4) Attend UCONNIC

UConn’s annual music festival, UCONNIC, happens during the spring semester and brings popular artists to Gampel Pavilion for a night of music and dancing. Secure a ticket and show up for this fun musical experience! Even if you aren’t the biggest fan or don’t know the artist performing, you should still attend this iconic UConn music event — bring some friends and just have fun dancing!

5) Pet Jonathan XIV

Make it your mission during these last few months to pet UConn’s adorable mascot pup, Jonathan XIV. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch him walking around campus and can ask for a pet. He also attends lots of on-campus events, so the more you go to, the better a chance you’ll have. Petting him will give you some much-needed good luck for finals and the remaining days of your last semester!

6) Thank the professors who impacted your time here

This task might not be as fun as some of the other things you’ll do during your last semester, but it’s just as important. Take a minute to write a thank you note or an email to your favorite professors or any people at the university who positively impacted your time here. It’ll mean a lot to them to hear from you about how they’ve made your time at UConn even better, and will give you the chance to give them your sincere thanks for everything they’ve done for you.

7) Take graduation photos with the Husky dog statue

Schedule time to take your graduation photos, whether you’ll be working with a professional photographer or enlisting one of your friends to grab some shots of you on your phone. However you make them happen, you’ll want to have some photos of you in these last few weeks to look back on after you graduate. Make sure you grab a photo with UConn’s favorite husky statue outside Gampel Pavilion — and rub the husky’s nose for even more good luck!

8) Watch one last sunset on Horsebarn Hill

One of the most beautiful spots on the UConn Storrs campus is Horsebarn Hill; give yourself the opportunity to catch one more sunset in this amazing lookout spot before you go. This is also a great time to spend reflecting on your time at UConn and all the amazing memories you’ve made here. Bring a picnic, your favorite playlist, or your writing journal, and spend some time just soaking it all in before graduation.

9) Walk at graduation!

It’s time. During the first weekend in May, attend your graduation ceremony at Gampel and secure your diploma. Attending your graduation gives a sense of closure to this last semester, and allows your friends and family to attend to see all that you’ve accomplished. It’s a great moment of pride to hear your name called and really take in that you’re graduating. So move your tassel from the right to the left; you did it!

Graduation Commencement GIF by UConn - Find & Share on GIPHY
Gif by UConn

Taking in all of the little moments along with the big ones is what’s going to make your last semester memorable. Put on your cap and gown on graduation day knowing you’ve made incredible memories during your time at UConn — and get ready to make even more new ones wherever you end up after you leave.

Kayla Simon is currently a senior at the University of Connecticut working towards a B.A. in English with a double minor in Communication and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Some of her hobbies outside of Her Campus include reading and writing poetry, drinking iced oat milk lattes, listening to Noah Kahan, and taking photos for her photography business.