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UConn Basketball Game
UConn Basketball Game
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The Aftermath Of The UConn Men’s Basketball Championship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.


If you weren’t watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game last night, let’s just say it was definitely “madness.” It was an edge-of-your-seat-type game. In the end, UConn won 76-59 against SDSU — but it was no easy task.


In the beginning, I have to admit it was hard to tell how UConn was going to play for the rest of the game. They were 4 points behind within 16 minutes into the game, however, they made a powerful comeback catching up to SDSU not that long after making it into a tie 10-10. At halftime, UConn was up to 36-24. With just 8 minutes left of the game, it was getting intense… SDSU was catching up, while UConn was missing the hoop. But #21, Adama Sanogo, scored and got UConn up to 60 points. With 1:56 left of the game, UConn scored 76-59. Dan Hurley and his players were celebrating in the benches congratulating each other on the win of the championship.

AT the buzzer

Tension was in the air when #20, Andrew Hurley, held the ball for the last few minutes. But the moment the buzzer rang, players of the UConn basketball team sparked with joy congratulating each other and looking relieved. Confetti dropped from the ceilings of the stadium. Back at home inside Gampel Pavilion, students stormed the court, celebrating the 5-time championship team.

Destruction in storrs, ct.

Thousands of students celebrated on the main campus at Storrs after the watch party at Gampel Pavilion finished up. Prior to the game, the Department of Communications at UConn sent out a press release notice warning students to behave and be safe for the celebration aftermath. Students tore down lampposts, overturning cars on campus, and lighting couches on fire to mimic a bonfire. Several students were seen smashing windows of the ITE (Information Technology Engineering) building, as well as using a lamppost to knock down the doors of the Student Union. Over 15 arrests were made and 16 people were rushed to the hospital for minor injuries as well. The UConn Police Department worked vigilantly to ensure the safety of students across campus, but they were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the crowd.


Students and faculty received an email stating that this afternoon outside of the Gampel Pavilion there will be a ‘Welcome Home Rally’ to welcome the men’s basketball team back home to campus from Houston, Texas. The gathering will begin at 4:00 pm, but the actual event will begin by 5:00 p.m.

Go huskies — and celebrate safely!

Ayshah is a Junior at the University of Connecticut studying Economics and Journalism. When she is not writing for Her Campus, she is fostering and helping cats at her local cat rescue; 'Enfield Community Cat Project'. She also likes to spend her time at the gym hitting cardio or climbing away at the rock wall.