That's So Raven Returns

We all had those TV shows growing up that we could not get enough of. To this day, we may reminisce about them and wish they were back on air. Well, some of your wishes may have come true: That’s So Raven is coming back to Disney Channel! Recently, Raven Symoné announced her departure from The View talk show, stating that her leaving was not to be despaired and that she was going to start her new project with Disney Channel, working on a revamp of her famous show.

Sources tell us that the show will follow Raven’s character of the same name in her life being a single mother of two. Baxter’s children, Nia and Booker, are said to be completely different. Nia being like her mother who is “confident and driven,” while Booker is the more reserved, quiet one. It is said that Nia inherits her mother’s psychic abilities.

Knowing this news, here are some things we are excited for:

1. A new future seeing face

2. New crazy costumes

3. Addressing important issues

4. Intense dance moves

One of our HC writers can't wait for the revamp. Alexis Angelini is "So pumped! The 90s/00s are really coming back!"

What are you looking forward to about the That's So Raven reboot? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @UConnHC!


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