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Taylor on Top: BB24 Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Anyone who has met me is unfortunate enough to hear me talk about Big Brother way too much. I don’t find myself watching a lot of TV, but this show has been one of my favorite things since I was in middle school. I’m happy to say that the two-hour finale of the 24th season did not disappoint last Sunday. The final three were set: Monte, Taylor, and Turner. Who would take home the 750k?

Let’s unpack!

After a dramatic season, the final three-part competition was crucial for the houseguests to have a chance at winning it all. In a physical battle where the trio had to cling to oversized hot dogs in hopes of being the last one standing, Turner prevailed. In part two, Monte faced Taylor and arranged the titles of the season’s HOH and POV competitions in a quicker time. It all came down to the third installment of the last Head of Household competition for the summer. Turner and Monte were asked true or false questions about the jurors and events that happened throughout the season. It was evenly matched until Monte pulled ahead on question six, giving him the gift of deciding who to take to the end. Monte was left with a game-changing decision, and he ultimately went against his final two deal with Turner, giving him the necessary big move needed to boost his BB resume. 

The next hour was jam-packed, with Taylor and Monte pitching to the jury why they deserved to win the game. Monte focused on highlighting his challenge prowess and strategy late in the game to make big moves. He won competitions and stayed off most people’s radar, even though he was a clear threat. Taylor took the perseverance route, talking about her resiliency and determination in surviving the block a whopping SIX times. She won two HOHs, made strong social connections with the houseguests, and had great jury management, sending kind goodbye messages to those evicted. 

With a jury vote of eight to one, Taylor was crowned the winner of season 24!! The most shocking jury vote was by Terrence because he was a little salty to Taylor after being evicted. Turner was the only one to vote for Monte, proving he had loyalty to the end and respected his gameplay. In a historic moment, Taylor also won America’s favorite houseguest, outplaying Michael and Kyle, earning her an additional 50k.


Overall, it was an eventful summer filled with lying, cheating, backstabbing, and some great laughs. Post finale, Julie Chen confirmed that there will be a 25th season next summer! For now, I’ll catch up on all the sleep the show has cost me and celebrate Taylor’s much-deserved win (and her potential collaboration with Lays).

Mairead is a junior nursing major at the University of Connecticut. In her free time, she can be found running, traveling, trying new foods, and going to the beach with friends!