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Student-Run Musical Premier: “Remocrats vs. Depublicans”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

This “Halloweekend” a student written, directed and acted musical called Remocrats vs. Depublicans premiered through UConn’s student-run theatre group, Dramatic PAWS.

The actors gather onstage for the final musical number: “Wait”(Photo By: Olivia Katharine) 

The show, which premiered on Friday, was written, composed and directed by Andrew Catanese, who has been a part of Dramatic PAWS for three years, having served as both treasurer and president. Junior, Brian Eldridge assistant directed the production and also arranged the music for the show. In addition, senior Jessica Rehaag was also an assistant director and stage manager. 

Remocrats vs. Depublicans is a political satire filled with interesting, lovable characters and a fantastic score. The show’s satirization of everything from “Fok News: Fair Or Balanced” to what it truly means to be a politcian, provided the audience with plenty of laughs as well as a thoughtful statement about the politicial climate of our country today. 

Political posters making fun of the candidates were scattered throughout the theatre & on the set. (Photo By: Olivia Katharine)

The entire cast was well-recieved, particularly the show’s leads, which included: Oliver Kochol ’17 (Will Cerulean), Shannon Lightcap ’16 (Sally Cardinal), Amina Ali ’17 (Whitney Cerulean), Dan Fay ’17 (Stuart Cardinal), Ryan Padden ’19 (Stan Cardinal), Travis Karas ’17 (Terry Holden) and Gigi DiGiuseppe (Lucy Layman).

The rest of the cast is as follows: Maddy Stagnito, Alex Slocum, Katie Klein, Rachel Tessler, Kalliope Sanderson, Meg Lynch, Mitch Burns, Kari Rose, Stephi Wild, Matty Fammartino, Katie Jozwik, Sam Brown and Ian Rothauser. In addition, multiple student volunteers who are members of Dramatic PAWS helped with the technical aspects of the production, such as building the sets and distributing tickets. 

Travis Karas, Shannon Lightcap, Oliver Kochol & Amina Ali perform a musical number(Photo By: Olivia Katharine)

Dramatic PAWS puts on student-run productions every semester.  For more information on Dramatic PAWS and how to get involved in their musicals and plays (either on stage or behind the scenes), check out their Facebook page for updates on upcoming auditions and shows. 


Olivia is a Journalism and English double major who spends entirely too much time watching Netflix and is not even sorry about it. She loves to sing, write feminist musings, hang out with her pets and fantasize about a world in which everything tastes like Nutella. In another life she is best friends with Veronica Mars and married to Logan Echolls (and they're both totally cool with it).