Stocking Stuffers for Your Gal Pals for Under $15

We all want to buy our besties presents that let them know how much we love them. But let’s be honest, we’re college students, and around the holidays, we’ve got to shop on a budget. I’ve put together a list of little gifts that are sure to make your friends smile, but also won’t break the bank. Happy holiday shopping!


1.) Scrunchies - Urban Outfitters - "Days of the Week Scrunchie Set" ($12)

By now, we all know that scrunchies aren't just a thing of the past anymore. They don’t pull hair as much as normal hair ties or leave annoying bumps once taken out. Not to mention, they’re super cute and can pull an outfit together. 

2.) Scented Candle - Bath & Body Works - "Fresh Balsam Single Wick Candle" ($14.50)

These holiday-scented candles are sure to get your BFF in the holiday spirit. They'll have her home smelling like Christmas trees in no time!

3.) Fuzzy Socks - Old Navy - "Printed Cozy Socks for Adults" ($2-3)

I don't know about you guys, but for me, when I pull out the fuzzy socks, it always gets me ready for the holidays. These furry friends will keep your friend cozy and warm at night or while lounging around the house during those cold winter nights. 

4.) Phone Card Holder - Amazon - "Phone Case Pouch Wallet" ($5.99)

This gift is a must for any college students. We need our UConn ID for so many things, getting into out dorm buildings, swiping into the dining hall, and using dining points at the Union. These card holders make your card accessible so you don't have to rummage through your backpack in the cold while trying to get into your dorm or hold up the line at Bookworms. This one even comes in a 5-pack, so you can keep one for yourself... I mean give it to your sibling.

5.) Long Charging Cord - Amazon - "Longest 15ft Phone Charger Cable" ($13.99)

Although this might seem like a boring gift, it will be so useful to you bestie. Often times, outlets are not placed in the most convenient places in dorms or lofted beds don't allow you to use your phone and charge it too while in bed. That's where these long cables come in handy.